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Britax Smile?

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StetsonsAreCool Wed 15-Oct-14 22:08:13

Saw this by chance on the Britax website today - says it's "coming soon".

Does anyone have any idea how soon? Or any other insider info?

Ihateparties Thu 16-Oct-14 17:16:34

Interesting. Britax bought Brio I think. Brio do a smile, the brio smile is slightly different to this though, the wheels are more inset so it's narrower, it has air tyres and a lie flat not bucket seat. This is much more similar to a brio sing (which spawned the b dual and uppababy vista). As the frames share so many components it's safe to say this will probably be quite good. I have never quite got why people rave so much over the vista when it's basically a b dual in a dress but I guess the wheels and seat make quite a difference.

I've waffled pointlessly. It looks good, it's v similar to the vista, it'll probably be pretty good.

Nhjohn Fri 31-Oct-14 03:38:12

I agree with ihateparties. It has some really similar features as the uppababy vista, and IMO they look pretty much identical.

Although, when I was looking for a price it seemed like it was going to be more expensive than the vista, although from the information it gave (on their main website) it had less functions than the vista.

If you haven't see the vista (you probably have), check out their American website ( ), it has a lot more information about their products, than the uk one.

MissWimpyDimple Fri 31-Oct-14 11:32:01

My cousin had the Brio Sing and it is more or less identical to the Vista. It's a beast of a pram though! Very wide.

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