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Baby jogger city mini GT and carrycot? What do you think?

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regularbutpanickingabit Mon 25-Aug-14 12:30:51

This will be baby #3 but after a massive gap so I feel like I am in a completely new world of pushchairs and prams and could really do with some advice.

We live in London but in a suburb so need a pushchair that needs to work on the school run, in a normal town environment, for some tube/bus travel but also when trekking through parks and sports pitches for my older 2.

Having read the reviews on here and on Which and after one quick visit to JLs I think we are leaning towards the baby jogger city mini GT. It looks fantastically easy to fold, the 3 wheel option looks great for the messy grass stuff we need to cope with and it feels pretty light. It also looks like a child could use it for considerably longer than some of the more traditional ones.

We had a Mamas and Papas last time that ended up being WAY too heavy and unwieldy after the first few months. We ditched it for a Maclaren quest.

But.... I am due mid-December when I expect the weather to be pretty awful and the pushchair looks too roomy and a bit wobbly inside for a newborn. There is a carrycot but it looks very very narrow and I am not known for making petite babies. I reckon I will only get 3-4 months of use out of it.

Is it worth it? I really don't feel like this pushchair is ideal for the brand new baby bit but brilliant after a few months. DH has agreed that I can go for the carrycot if I really want it but thinks there must be another work around. I sort of agree with him financially but the December baby bit really makes me want something more secure and cosy.

What do you think?

FlossieTreadlight Mon 25-Aug-14 15:07:02

I had and still have it and love it. Really versatile and lovely to steer. You could also try the versa gt. good luck

FlossieTreadlight Mon 25-Aug-14 15:07:41

Ps there are baby jogger selling pages on Facebook where you can pick up great bargains.

callamia Mon 25-Aug-14 15:23:44

Where in London are you? I've got a carrycot for a BJCM that I used for about four months - happy to loan it out. Feel free to message me if you like. You can also buy them cheaply secondhand. The CM is a great pushchair, and it's definitely light enough to carry about in London. I'm hoping it will see us through to toddlerhood.

Ihateparties Mon 25-Aug-14 15:33:15

Sounds like it will suit you, consider the 2014 deluxe carrycot of you want to use it longer. Only downside of that is it's quite considerably more expensive.

regularbutpanickingabit Mon 25-Aug-14 17:18:18

Oh that's great feedback, thank you! I haven't seen the deluxe version and I didn't even think about Facebook selling pages. I guess I just search on the pushchair name?

Callamia - that's a great loan offer, thank you. I will see what we find locally but may well pm you about that. Thank you!

Ihateparties Mon 25-Aug-14 18:00:33

Search baby jogger and the buy, sell chat group will come up, there are probably others but that one is pretty busy.

regularbutpanickingabit Mon 25-Aug-14 20:47:59

Thanks for the tip, i have asked to join that group.

moggle Tue 26-Aug-14 14:15:44

If you google baby jogger deluxe carrycot 2014 a few uk sites have them listed now although I'm not sure anywhere has them in stock until September. It's a few cm bigger in each direction and looks more substantial. I'm hoping to keep baby squeezed in for a while! However even with the normal carrycot- do check the dimensions against others because there isn't really that much in it between them, although I agree it looks narrow

lizwarner Thu 25-Dec-14 22:23:01

I am also expecting number 3 after a little gap and just can't chose between the baby jogger city mini and the gt. I love that the bjcm is sooo lightweight which is super handy when they're older but I'm interested to know whether it's up to walks in the woods / older brothers football matches in muddy fields etc? Or is it worth putting up with the extra 2 kg for the gt?

chillichoclove Thu 25-Dec-14 22:28:48

I had baby jogger and carrycot in London and unreservedly recommend it. We bought on eBay second hand. It's been great. I loved it! Now due number two and dc1 will be 2 when born. Can't decide what to do around double!

moggle Fri 26-Dec-14 04:37:40

lizwarner you won't notice the extra 2kg when pushing it - the gt is a dream to push about. So light to steer, my 6 yr old neice can push it easily with the new carrycot on. Obviously folding it up and carrying it about folded it is 2kg extra but it's not that big a deal. I'm 5'4 and 9st and find it pretty easy to hoik about in and out of car boot, and the bin cupboard where we keep it at home.

lizwarner Fri 26-Dec-14 19:10:44

That's useful. Thanks moggle. Have you tried it with a toddler? What I don't want to do is have to buy a lighter buggy type pushchair when's he older which is what I ended up doing at 6 months with the other two

moggle Fri 26-Dec-14 21:08:02

No sorry - DD is only 6 weeks. The reason we picked it is to try and avoid having to buy another buggy when she's older so I hope it works for that!

NeverFreezeTurkeys Fri 26-Dec-14 21:17:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lizwarner Sat 27-Dec-14 08:10:56

How much off roading do u do neverfreezeturkeys?

LidlMermaid Sat 27-Dec-14 08:19:48

I bought a GT specifically for off roading while walking the dogs. It handled all sorts of terrain admirably although it's not great on sandy beaches. wouldn't hesitate to recommend it...wish I'd just bought it to begin with rather than an iCandy.

Shetland Sat 27-Dec-14 08:24:46

Sorry to hijack - but similar situation here. DC3 due and I don't want to buy another pushchair well I do but DP won't let me so I was thinking of getting the adapters so my car seat can go on it - anyone done this? Is it stable?! Mine isnt the GT version, if that makes a difference.

lizwarner Sat 27-Dec-14 19:18:23

How olds your little one littlemermaid?

Onynx Sat 27-Dec-14 19:37:16

We absolutely love the GT version - also bought for DS3 after a bit of a gap. Seat & back are slightly longer by a few cms than the non GT version. Wheels are much more cushioned, better suspension & the adjustable handlebars are super. My tall 3 1/2 year old niece still fits v comfortably in hers - & no bother to pushsmile

NeverFreezeTurkeys Sat 27-Dec-14 20:19:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LidlMermaid Mon 29-Dec-14 09:31:53

DD is 2 and a half now and doesn't really use a pushchair much at all but we used the GT from around 5 months onwards. Once we bought it we hardly used the iCandy (Strawberry) at all.

lizwarner Mon 29-Dec-14 09:38:21

Thanks guys. Think I've been Persuaded to get the gt one as it doesn't sound like the extra 2kg is a problem when they're older. Decision made. Ta! grin

Millionprammiles Mon 29-Dec-14 11:43:44

Shetland - we used the adapters with our car seat and was fine. In fact dd preferred it to the carrycot which was barely used.

moojie Mon 29-Dec-14 21:13:28

I have a GT version which I bought 2nd hand for a good price. I love this buggy. I have had a fair few buggys over the span of 2 children and I love this one and would only replace it with the same!

My Ds is now nearly 3yrs but is a lazy wotsit so still sits in quite frequently. He will nap perfectly as there is loads of space and it lies flat. We are on holiday and my 5.5yr has had the odd ride and even my 6yr old niece can still fit in it. Amazing buggy and the wheels and adjustable handlebar really make it worth getting the GT.

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