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Tandem to fit in tiny boot -Hyundai i10?

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ThereYouGoAgain Tue 12-Aug-14 23:22:35

Hi, looking for some advice here please ladies...

I have a 2 year old DS and a 2 week old DD and a tiny car! I need to find a tandem buggy that will fit in the boot of a Hyundai i10. As I need two car seats in the back, I'll only have a little room in the front passenger seat if I had to take any buggy seats off/ fold separately.

IHateParties- you seem pretty clued up on this and did I read correctly that you have an i10 too- any suggestions please before I shell out huge amounts of cash on something too big please?

Ihateparties Tue 12-Aug-14 23:26:33

Argh! I do have an i10, the 2014 one.. Is that the one you've got or the older one with the even smaller boot?

I'm racking my brain currently.... Will be back shortly...

ThereYouGoAgain Tue 12-Aug-14 23:39:33

I have an older one (2009) so I guess the even smaller boot....
As DD is only 2 weeks old, I've just had her in the sling so far so I'm not sure how often we'll use the tandem or where. It may end up being mostly stored inside and only walked to the shops/ park but I assume that at some point I'll want to take it further and so will need to get it in the car.

Ihateparties Tue 12-Aug-14 23:44:35

Right, so taking it apart with wheels off isn't necessarily going to be such a problem. Hmmm. Any idea of the boot dimensions? It won't be hugely different from mine so I have a basic idea. Definitely a tandem?

I have a jane muum here at the moment so I can see how a twone chassis would fit, actually I know it does with a wheel off but the seats would be awkward.

I think an oyster max would be too deep/bulky folded. A peach would probably fit. I'm struggling though, what single do you have and how does that fit in?

eatingforonemore Tue 12-Aug-14 23:49:32

Have you thought about the Baby Jogger city select? If DS wont be in pushchair much longer you could just buy the single version and buy the double adapters, buggy board and a carrycot. And if you really need the space(food shop or something) use car seat adapters? Quite a small fold might fit.

ThereYouGoAgain Tue 12-Aug-14 23:54:49

No idea on dimensions and as I'm snuggled up in bed right now feeding, I'm not popping out to check. I'll do that in the morning and get back to you.

I'm not 100% on a tandem but I haven't seen any side by side/ doubles that I like- I think they all look very big and bulky but I'm open to suggestions.

The Twone looks nice - hadn't heard of that before so I'll see if I can see one in RL ( am in Ireland). I have 2 singles that both fit fine ( actually both even fit in together!); a Petite a Star Zia and a Maxi- Cosi Loola Up.

Thanks for this- I am going mad looking up buggies lately. Every time I think I find "the one", there's something wrong with it ( usually the size for the car!) sad

Ihateparties Tue 12-Aug-14 23:56:35

A select probably would fit wheels off. Nothing fits in the boot with a proper food shop though, even a dinky single :-D

Although, to be fair we drove 200 miles to a family party in it with me, dh, 3dcs, small buggy and luggage a few months ago and it was fine.

ThereYouGoAgain Tue 12-Aug-14 23:58:07

eating I love the look of the BJ City Select and took my friends around the park the other day and I really like it. Her son was fast asleep in it at the time or I would have tried it in my car. I'll try it next week when I see her again but I thought it looked much too big- hope I'm wrong about that...

Ihateparties Wed 13-Aug-14 00:02:26

Mmm the loola is the perfect sort of fold for this size of boot. I can't think of any doubles that fold the same way though.

Tandems tend to be boxy when folded, which is less ideal. You know what, a Phil and teds might fit with a wheel off, depending on how long they are. I'm always surprised how neat the fold is on those.

Side by side-wise I was thinking a baby jogger city mini double would fit, I has one when I had a yaris, which also had a challengingly small boot. I have a red kite zumi, there is a twin version, the twini that may fit.

ThereYouGoAgain Wed 13-Aug-14 00:03:02

Not too worried about big food shops- as I'm on maternity leave, I tend to pop to the shops every few days for bits and pieces and if we need lots, then it's online or we take DH's car and wouldn't bring the buggy.

I love my car otherwise - we have a narrow lane way in to the back of our house and this is the only car that fits down it and I still have to tuck in the wing mirrors so I'm stuck with this for a few years. No idea how you fit in three DCs and the rest, Ihateparties

ThereYouGoAgain Wed 13-Aug-14 00:07:03

Ok, so at least now I have some options- I'll try the BJCS next week, try to find a Jane Twone and look up red kite (again never heard of them).

Thanks for the suggestions and I'll report back on boot dimensions in the morning. DD is asleep now so gonna get some shut eye myself!

Ihateparties Wed 13-Aug-14 00:07:09

A selection of the narrowest car seats known to man. I like small cars.

I'm confident you will get a select in, I didn't even think of that.

MiaowTheCat Wed 13-Aug-14 07:19:39

I could get a P+T E3 in the boot of an A-Class which isn't the largest boot in the world. Have seen one fit in the boot of a Corsa with the back wheels popped off (which is only a one button job so not THAT faffy). I had to have the parcel shelf off but it only popped up about 2cm from the parcel shelf line so not really a big issue. Thankfully my car's designed like the flipping tardis so you can get the food shop packed in the rear footwells pretty easily!

Giraffeski Wed 13-Aug-14 07:49:57

I used to have an i10 and got rid of it in May because am expecting Dc3. Unfortunately although our uppababy vista fitted (just) in the boot without the parcel shelf, nothing else did so doubtful if a BJCS would as the chassis is bigger. We are actually getting a BJCS so have looked at this but have also now got a bigger car so is less of an issue.

ThereYouGoAgain Wed 13-Aug-14 14:26:51

I'm back with boot measurements...
It's 100mm wide x 60mm high x 40mm deep.

Just had a quick look on and if the dimensions on there are right, then the Jane TwOne would fit nicely and the BJCS would fit with wheels off.
Think I'll have to go see a few models in real life- I like the Uppababy too so will have a look for that too.

Really appreciate all the suggestions ��

manechanger Wed 13-Aug-14 14:34:53

if oldest is two years old do you need a tandem? baby could fit in a sling for 4 monthsish, possibly more and what sort of journeys do you do by car? if you are going for a really long walk where a 2.4 y old and baby need to be in tandem could you put it in the front footwell/seat on that odd occasion but use sling/maclaren volo for anything else. then you could get a tandem for walking about and not worry too much about fitting it in the boot? when baby is too big for sling will your oldest then be able to walk (2.4-2.6 years depending on the state of your back)

ThereYouGoAgain Wed 13-Aug-14 20:26:38

mane I am thinking along those lines, as in buy whatever buggy I like for walking and just keep it in the house and use single/ sling for the car.

I suppose I want to look at all options before buying something that won't work either for walks or the car! I'm sure there right buggy for us exists- I just haven't found it yet.

Being in Dublin doesn't help either- there's only one Jane stockist in Ireland and it's 100 miles away so I can't see one/ try it in the boot.

Ihateparties Wed 13-Aug-14 22:14:10

I think your boot sounds a better shape than mine. You have 60cm in height, I only have about 46, then 52cm at the widest point at the base getting smaller higher up. So your boot is taller and slightly narrower, which is better for a pushchair chassis. Overall width of about a metre is the same.

I'm still confident the select will go in with the rear wheels off, you will need at least 1 wheel off the twone unless you move your parcel shelf.

What else do you like the look of generally?

ThereYouGoAgain Wed 13-Aug-14 23:08:20

parties I only did a quick measure but I'm worried now as you mention the boot narrowing. I think mine does too but I don't know if I took that into consideration. I'll have a proper look tomorrow again.

I'm optimistic about the select- I really like it and hope it might work and they seem to have really good sale value afterwards. I like the Jane TwOne too but don't know of I'll be able to find one to see in RL. Not sure what else I like but as for what I don't like- most of the P&Ts. The lower seat just looks too low and too squashed for my liking so I think I'd be happier with a buggy with more "structure if you know what I mean.

The Obaby ZeZu and the Gracco Trekker look ok too- have you seen/ tried either of them?

How come you know so much about buggies? Is this just a weird hobby or do you have a professional interest? (Feel free not to answer- I'm just being nosy!)

Ihateparties Wed 13-Aug-14 23:15:38

Um yeah... It's a weird hobby. grin

I haven't seen a zezu multi, I would like to as it's my favourite seating set up with the newborn up top parent facing, toddler below. I have seen the graco trekko duo, it's very large and I'm not sure how you manage the newborn phase as lying the top seat flat means it um, interacts a lot with the lower one. The price is amazing at the moment though (it's very cheap via smyths over here ATM I don't know if you have the same offers at the same time in Ireland) and it's bouncy to push if I'm remembering correctly.

The twone lower seat is low, similar to a p and t, if you dislike that my feeling is you won't like it.

manechanger Sat 16-Aug-14 10:35:19

hi sorry to resurrect this thread but I love P&T although there are things I'd change it has the best load of compromises for me. I've had a P&T since i had my second who is 9. It's still up and running but I have always used the second seat for the older child so it's like a sit down buggy board. Its not how they recommend it but it's always worked for me, dd was 23 months when I had dd2. i have never found a buggy that did everything that I wanted and hae given up trying. When my boys were younger I specifically bought a buggy which worked as a frame for a maxi cosi seat, would that work for your car? - I suppose the issue is that you would have a second child that needed a seat, ie for the icandy doubles or whatever so that would only work if you had two in a stage 0.

then I moved over to a volo which I keep in the car and either p&t if I have my mindee or icandy cherry if it's just my son as I mostly walk unless going to grandparents or supermarket shopping. on holidays we take the wheels off the p&T as its a better off roader.

ThereYouGoAgain Tue 19-Aug-14 20:42:27

mane no need to apologise- I'm back again too. I hear what you're saying about the P&T. I have a possible option on an Obaby XI for a very good price. I think it's could be considered a cheaper version of the P&T. It does get a few negative reviews but also gets plenty of positives.

The dimensions suggest it might fit in my boot so I'm going to go and look at it later this week.
Anyone know this model and would you recommend it for a toddler and newborn and for a small car?


ThereYouGoAgain Thu 21-Aug-14 18:34:21

So if anyone is interested, I bought an Obaby Xi today and it fits in the car! I did need to take one wheel off but they're really simple pop off wheels so not a big deal.

I don't know if it'll be the ideal buggy for us but it fits in my car, I got a great deal and I had two happy kids in it for our first walk... So it seems a promising start!

Thanks for all the opinions and suggestions- very useful.

poocatcherchampion Thu 28-Aug-14 16:40:46

a sidetrack but what are your car seats parties?
glad you found one op! hope it works out.

Ihateparties Thu 28-Aug-14 17:11:52

2y6m dd2 has a joie tilt rf on the passenger side, 6y11m ds has this toys r us booster in the centre and 4y6m dd1 has a britax adventure or joie trillo on the driver's side. It only works because ds was 6.5 when I got the car and I was happy for him to be on a backless booster for the short journeys we do. I'm currently trying to think of a way of getting 3 pre schoolers in but I'm not sure I'll be successful.

Our main car is a seat Ibiza, in that we have two jane montecarlos in the outboard seats and another tilt rear facing in the centre. Previously we had both tilts in there with a hbb in the centre. It can be done in small cars. My parents drive a Mazda 6 and an a6 and it's never really any easier in those cars. Partially I think because of the seats being more contoured though.

Sorry, that was a bit of an essay.

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