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Joie Chrome - any good?

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nwilson12 Fri 01-Aug-14 20:39:10

I see that there is now a joie chrome plus available and was wondering what the joie chrome is like? It seems to be a bit like the oyster but with a better fold. The new plus model also has colour packs which look nice.

I currently have a bee and versa but would really like a combination of these (lie flat seat, decent basket and wheels, nice to push, compact fold, can cope with bumpy pavements, grass etc) so I can just have one pushchair! Can't seem to find many reviews of what it is like to use. Does anyone have one?

enormouse Fri 01-Aug-14 20:49:48

I have one and think it's great. I got the whole thing (carseat, carrycot and pushchair) for around £250 brand new.
Folds really easily and it comfortably fits my 6mo and my 2.7yr old.

Not great on uneven surfaces so better suited to urban living.

Ihateparties Fri 01-Aug-14 20:57:48

I loved mine, they're very very practical. I live in a city centre but one with a selection of rubbish pavements and a reasonable distribution of cobbles and I found it to be pretty good on that.

The fold is great, it's light to push, good with a buggyboard, has carrycot and lie flat seat for flexibility. I never thought it felt as heavy as the 11.5 or so kgs it actually weighs, even when lifting it. The big basket is good.

I haven't had a bee but I have had a versa and it did feel quite a bit smaller than that, I liked how with the handle down low it is a short and fairly narrow package. Even with the seat upright the bee always looks long to me.

I haven't heard about the plus.. Going to go have a look now.

nwilson12 Fri 01-Aug-14 21:08:46

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Good to know it fits a toddler as well as I would use it occassionally with my nearly 3 yr old as well as 9 month old.

Not sure what changes have been made to the plus model. The website says it is 9.5kg which is similar to the bee and a lot lighter than the versa.

Here is where I found the chrome plus -

Seems a good package for the price

enormouse Sat 02-Aug-14 20:15:27

Remembered some more stuff -
I have a lascal mini buggy board attached to mine and it works pretty well. The handle lowers enough for me to comfortably push (I'm 5ft2)
Reclines fully flat for baby which is great as lanky DS2 grew out the carrycot quite quickly.
Non faffy raincover.
Oh and the footmuff folds over and attaches securely and can't be kicked off. <shoots look at DS1 who wrecked 3 footmuffs on old pram>

ApplebyMennym Sat 02-Aug-14 20:19:33

I like the look of this very much! Looks similar to my Armadillo, only nicer. Our most hated feature of the Armadillo is the seat is too far reclined for our toddler, what's the position like on this?

enormouse Sat 02-Aug-14 20:58:57

It has 3 recline positions. A fully flat one (newborn), a very upright one (I use this for the toddler) and one in between.

ApplebyMennym Sat 02-Aug-14 21:00:59

Fab, I think you guys may have found our pram for number 3!

enormouse Sat 02-Aug-14 21:10:34

If you can, avoid mothercare for it. I bought ours there and it was a good price but the service and delivery were appalling.

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