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Best pushchair for holiday - flight

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snowcloud Fri 04-Jul-14 22:34:28

We're going on holiday abroad and flying there. Which pushchair would you recommend? I can't find one that is cheap enough and has a decent sunshade hood with recline.

tryingtocatchthewind Fri 04-Jul-14 22:36:39

Try a petite star zia. Pretty cheap on eBay and there's an online shop somewhere that sells seconds/reconditioned ones.

AnythingNotEverything Fri 04-Jul-14 22:37:42

I've heard good things about the Joie Nitro (about £60).

We've just bought a Silver Cross Pop. £100 at Mothercare at the mo. Suitable from birth to 25kg and has a huge hood. It's not the lightest to carry but it seems nice to push. We've bought to for the plane but also wanted to spend a bit more to get longer term use hopefully.

laracroft2001 Fri 04-Jul-14 22:54:21

I got the zeta voom in black off amazon for £49 (half price).

Beat buy EVER!

Reclines, sun shade, folds down easy,good size pocket on hood, decent basket think underneath, DS found it comfy from approx 1year

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