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Which double/tandem?

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Freyathecatt Fri 04-Jul-14 18:04:34

I know this one gets asked often but i just don't know what to go for!

Background: we have a hefty (15+kg) 15 month old and #2 is due in October. We currently have a Baby Jogger CM GT which we love but don't know what to do about a double. Our son is walking but he's not going to be able to manage long tramps so we'll definitely need a double at some point.

What doubles/tandems would you recommend in this case, we're open to selling/keeping the GT and getting an interim double.

Ihateparties Fri 04-Jul-14 20:32:30

If that's an accurate weight (putting him 2kg off off the top of the centile chart, does that sound right??) then your choices are realistically probably pretty limited depending on how long you envisage needing a double for? A side by side, if you can handle the width will be simpler and easier to push. If you like your gt the double is the obvious choice. Do you have an age in mind where you envisage dc1 will manage without a pushchair? It varies greatly from child to child, differing lifestyles etc. If he's circa 18m when your dc2 is born as a guide I would allow for approx 1 year of double use, potentially less but equally potentially more. A double is pretty much always interim for siblings, how long that period lasts is anyone's guess I still miss mine the odd day and dds are 4 and 2!...

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