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Stroll Air my Duo v Bugaboo Donkey (buggy board on both)

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Borttagen Fri 04-Jul-14 09:20:28


Hoping some of the pushchair experts could help with figuring out which buggy would be best for our situation. All going well at end Nov/Beg Dec we will have a 3.5 year old, 18 month old and a newborn. DC2 has CP in his legs so will probably need a pushchair as long as the newborn. I think the Stroll Air has bigger seats?
We need to be able to use a buggy board for the 3.5 year old as the walk to nursery is too long for her to manage and we get snow over the winter. Snowsuits etc will also affect DC2 fitting in the seat I guess.
I had my heart set on a donkey. Im put off by the look of the fabric on the Stroll Air and the fact it isn't washable but given DC2's CP I don't think I'll need the mono functionality of the donkey much - and have a Maclaren Techno anyway…

Any thoughts? The Stroll Air is less than half the price of the donkey here (sold as Basson Duo) so my DH is keen on that but we can't look at it in store to compare and I really don't want to buy another double I regret (never found a double I was happy with for DCs1 and 2!). Does anyone have the Stroll Air and use it with a buggy board?


Artandco Fri 04-Jul-14 09:58:46

We didn't have the donkey but the chameleon and bugaboo board were fantastic. The bugaboo board def one of the easiest to push.

ChallyCreaks Fri 04-Jul-14 10:13:40

May I suggest an older version of the double mountain buggy? The seats are really big (a 4yo could sit comfortably in it) and you can attach a carrycot for the newborn. You would have to buy second hand though as the new model is a lot smaller.

Tiggywunkle Fri 04-Jul-14 23:41:05

I was chatting to someone recently who had this dilemma and eventually bought the Basson Duo.
I have had both the Aus version of the Stroll Air - the Twingo - and also the Donkey. The Donkey was beautiful but I preferred the more sturdy build of the Twingo, and the way it was so easy to flick open, or fold as one piece. I didn't put a board on the Twingo, but I did on the Donkey. My DD slipped off the Bugaboo board, but I know Bugaboo are bringing out a board with a seat, so that will be useful. My DD couldn't reach both bars in Duo mode so she didn't really have much to hold onto, and the board was slippy when wet.
I loved the huge basket under the Stroll air compared to the more shallow Donkey one.
I am less sure about seat size. This comparison of both may help you?

Borttagen Sat 05-Jul-14 08:22:25


Thanks so much for the replies!

My DC2's CP diagnosis is very recent so has added another dimension of wanting a double to last him as long as possible. Ideally til at least 3.5 when hopefully the then 2 year old could manage on a buggyboard.

Chally thanks for that tip about the mountain buggy. It reminded me to think again about forward facing only with carrycot buggies...

tiggy that link is really helpful. I'm so surprised the little girl fitted best in the donkey. Do you know if that's the latest stroll air with the bigger seats? The basson duo info suggests to me the seats are the older smaller ones so I'm looking at importing the stroll air from the uk if I go for it.

My DC2 really loves facing me and at the moment needs to if tired or upset as I have to hold his hand...

It feels like such a big decision as they're all so expensive!

Artandco Sat 05-Jul-14 09:02:19

Not rear facing ( but can add carrycot). But I would suggest the nipper v3.
It is one of the narrower side by side surprisingly yet has lots of space. Your can just put baby in regular seat with the bugaboo bee cocoon for comfort, and then if you have a sling with you could put baby in sling, cocoon under pram, and eldest could easily sit at 3 1/2 if needed

It's on of the easiest doubles to push

pinkpudding Wed 30-Jul-14 23:31:31

I know this is an old thread and you have probably already made your purchase but I have a stroll air my duo and think it's fine. Wanted a donkey but couldn't afford one so went with stroll air and it does all that I wanted for half the price. Using it on my two younger children aged 2.2 & 5 months with the bassinet. The seat is the same size as my maclaren techno. Hope this helps

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