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Light and fully reclining?

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lastlostmonkey Tue 01-Jul-14 09:57:31

Hi. My DD is 14 mo now. I have recurring pelvic girdle pain and am finding our maclaren xlr heavy and awkward to push, especially as the wheels don't rotate freely any more and judder.

What would be a small, light pushchair that reclines fully (she often naps in it) and is easy to push? I really need a change. Thanks!

loobyloo24 Tue 01-Jul-14 10:01:11

We have a baby jogger city mini and it's fantastic. It reclines almost completely back, has a brilliant sunshade, folds up easily (in one piece although it's not an umbrella stroller) and is great to push. Decent shopping basket underneath too. We have an uppababy too but I haven't bothered using it since we got the baby jogger. Also, I bought it on offer from boots - 3 for 2, so we bought 3 prams and sold two of them, meaning it was very nearly free!

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