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Recommend lightweight framed push chair for Britax car seat?

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GaryM Sun 29-Jun-14 17:58:11

We have a Britax Baby-Safe SHR II Isofix car seat and would love a lightweight aluminium or similar framed push chair that'll accept the car seat for short trips away from the car.
I've seen loads of Quinny Zapps with Maxi Cosi seats but it seems that's all they support. We were hoping for something similar.

Any recommendations please?

crabwoman Sun 29-Jun-14 18:56:44

Link to compatible push chairs on britax website. (On phone so can't do link properly, sorry).

GaryM Mon 30-Jun-14 20:24:46

Thanks very much. Will go through the list and see what there is.

fledermaus Mon 30-Jun-14 20:28:08

I have an Oyster with a Babysafe car seat.

TinyPenguin Tue 08-Jul-14 16:12:35

Bugaboo bee+ ?

GaryM Tue 08-Jul-14 16:49:47

I picked up a Britax B-Smart up off eBay for £40. Considering it's only had 4 months of use and looks like new I think it was an absolute bargain. Only 15 minutes from my house too.

westcountrywoman Tue 08-Jul-14 17:04:00

What about the Mountain Buggy Nano? I think it takes most car seats as you strap them on, rather than clip them into an adaptor IYSWIM.

alteregonumber1 Sun 13-Jul-14 19:17:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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