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Help need urgent suggestions...

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MNPinto2014 Thu 26-Jun-14 21:08:55

....AirFrance have lost our Maxi Cosi Streety Plus.

It was fab as it..
Folded small
Comfy parent facing seat
Coped with beach and uneven surfaces
Roomy basket
Solid bar handle
Large recline

What else ticks these boxes as we go away early Tuesday so i need to go and get it this weekend or monday at the lastest.

Am in London and have a car.

Want new, black, or not pink or red.

Please give me ideas as google is being frustrating.

Thank You.

MNPinto2014 Fri 27-Jun-14 00:00:41

Think we have decided on the QZX2, fingers crossed it is as good as the reviews.

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