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Buggy psychologists help me get my head around this one

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JuniperTisane Fri 20-Jun-14 16:12:00

I'm selling my Twofold sad. I don't want to, but it doesn't do everything I need anymore sadsad. But its so pretty. And so light. And so good at two children, and fecking useless basket, struggles to open properly, hood is crap, no foot rest, bulky to store

I've bought a BJCMGT instead which does do everything I need. The boys love it. DH loves it. I quite like it. But its not pretty. It doesn't set my heart racing when I look at it. And its not as light as the Twofold.

I need to sell the Micralite to fund the BJ. But I don't want to. But I have to and DH won't countenance 3 pushchairs, he's already made an exception for the old muddy jalopy in his boot for the forest


VeloWoman Sat 21-Jun-14 14:14:52

Maybe you could use some of the funds from sale of your two fold to get custom liners for the BJCMGTD to make it look a bit more stylish?

Daisybell1 Sat 28-Jun-14 21:15:57

Juniper - I'm desperate for a twofold - have you sold it yet???

JuniperTisane Sat 05-Jul-14 09:08:52

Ooh just come back to this and saw your post Daisy. We I have decided to keep it for now, I just can't quite face getting rid of it and I suspect it will come back out for daily use when its not so hot and I don't need the ginormous hood of the new pushchair.

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