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icandy peach 2 or 3?

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JenSmith1508 Wed 18-Jun-14 22:37:55

Hi! My name's Jen, I have an amazing DD called Amber and a challenging but beautiful DS called Hayden smile Been talking with my OH about pushchairs, I have icandy peach 2 blossom, I know they have a new one called peach 3 but im not sure if I should keep my peach 2 or go for the new one as the seats can now face both ways? Does anyone have peach 3 and is it better than peach 2? All advice welcome xx

Tiggywunkle Tue 24-Jun-14 14:20:27

If you have a Peach 2, then keep it, and buy the adaptors to turn your Peach 2 into a Peach 3. You need a set of elevators, and a set of blossom convertors. You need to do a minor adjustment to your lower seat. Then you have a Peach 3 smile
TBH the advantage of the Peach 3 is that you can see one child (not both) parent facing. I have heard someone say that they prefer the old convertor bars for forward facing especially for using the car seat as they dont move like the new ones do (slightly).

JenSmith1508 Thu 03-Jul-14 12:01:10

Thanks hun that's a great help! I suppose it's good to have the old convertor bars for my blossom in case as you say the new ones don't work the you know how the new adaptors cost? xx

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