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out of love with my Vista: BJCM, Graco Evo Mini or something else?

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BlanketSky Tue 17-Jun-14 17:14:53

I've DS, 3y and DD, almost 2mo. Currently using my Vista with DD but I'd forgotten how much I grew to hate it with DS, and ideally need something suitable for either child as DS is a bit of a wanderer/whinges when tired so would like him to be able to hop in occasionally when I'd put dd in a sling. This means the Vista is out as the bucket seat isn't suitable for young babies (and I mostly hate the thing anyway!).

Main things I dislike (now, loved it to start with!): weight, size (turns well but wide back wheels and takes up most of the boot), build quality (we may have been unlucky but we've had a sheared bolt on the frame, and now a snapped brake cable which our cycle shop can't fix). Also how difficult it is for a toddler to climb in and out.

Things I do like: size of basket, non puncture wheels , hood size/sun protection and bar handle which is a good height.

We had been using a 3rd hand Maclaren XT with DS but it's not in great condition and I need to push one handed now to grab DS when necessary. Ideally would be able to parent face but think this will probably be the compromise. Budget up to £300, want it to last until DD is out of a buggy. We've an Urban Detour for dog walking and any real off roading so mostly needed for round town/pavement walking.

Looking at the BJCM and GEM, is there anything else worth considering? Tempted by the GEM as it's about £100 cheaper, but will I just regret it and wish I'd gone for the BJCM?

SqutterNutBaush Tue 17-Jun-14 18:27:36

I like idea of the Gem but it looks a lot less sturdy than the BJCM.

Personally I love my bjcm but I'm not sure it'd be much narrower than the Vista at the back if that is an issue.

But then the Gem seat may need to be switched for each child depending on how big DS is so that may not be entirely practical either.

CruCru Mon 30-Jun-14 19:49:39

Would you consider the Bugaboo Bee? I had the Vista for DS but when I was pregnant with DD I found it too heavy so got the Bee. I love it - I have the summer shade and the buggy board - it also has a nice big basket (although not as big as the Vista).

It is useless for country walks though.

BlanketSky Fri 04-Jul-14 23:16:31

hmm, think we're going to go BJCM. Had considered Bee yes, but it's very low? Dh wasn't keen. Thanks tho.

Going to have one more play tomorrow then go for it because dd spends any time she's awake in the carrycot using her legs to push herself up into the hood and then cries, which is quite tedious...she's very long and growing like a weed grin so won't be in it for too much longer anyway

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