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New bugaboo bee?

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Sophialeroy1 Sun 08-Jun-14 20:45:43

I've read that there's a new bee launching in September and I wondered if anyone had heard any more on the subject. It may possibly even have a carrycot!!

OhTheDrama Mon 09-Jun-14 19:05:13

Yes I have heard that too! Would be very interested to hear details grin!

icanmakeyouicecream Mon 09-Jun-14 19:28:58


Momzilla82 Wed 18-Jun-14 16:22:54

Be still my beating heart! Please let this be true. Used my 2010 bee plus for whole 4 years, ridiculously happy with it and had only the one pram throughout for my v large boy. Am due end of July and would love to use it again- but really want a carrycot style one where you don't have to strap them in all the time. Having looked at the alternatives all of them are a compromise on the bee (too heavy, too big, having to take bits off to fold it etc etc)

Ihateparties Wed 18-Jun-14 16:40:29

The new bee won't be here by July I don't think. Have you seen the britax carrycot on the bee using the britax car seat adaptors? I have also seen the micralite one used with maxi cosi adaptors but that sits higher and looks tippier to me... I know, very scientific, right? There are some pics here.

Sophialeroy1 Sat 21-Jun-14 08:08:32

Thanks parties, I was starting to think id gone mad and imagined it all confused I have been having a peach/raspberry dilemma and this might just be the answer, hopefully as I'm not due till November it may launch in time.

Ihateparties Sat 21-Jun-14 09:33:03

No, you haven't imagined it and I think for November you will be okay, I have September in my mind but that's totally unsubstantiated.

Tiggywunkle Tue 24-Jun-14 14:12:58

Info here

GoMommaItsaBargain Sat 28-Jun-14 21:06:34

Crikey I shouldn't be so excited about a pushchair but it sounds perfect...... Could this finally be the perfect buggy for me?? Currently using new navigator, dd2 doesn't really need seat anymore and ds1 will be still only 8mnths then, perfect age for new pram and he may still want look at mummy then too! Do we really think it's true tho and will it appear in sept I wonder, can find nothing online than tiggys info.

Teadrinkerandatinker Fri 04-Jul-14 10:44:26 exciting

Teadrinkerandatinker Fri 04-Jul-14 19:54:05

i loathe the carrycot feature on this one though i like the cocoon on the current one more than adequate for a newborn and snuggly inside this harder carrycot looks too big and bulky why cant they make a mini version on the cam carrycot for it ? i think that would look adorable

Tiggywunkle Fri 04-Jul-14 23:28:21

Loads here now including a video link (scroll right down) and a pic of the new Bugaboo wheeled board with seat.

I like that the new carrycot is hard bottomed. It looks deep, but it needs to be to pass safety testing.
Best of all personally, is that they have tightened the chassis up, so hopefully the Bee3 will feel sturdy at last! The Raspberry now has competition again in my book!

Teadrinkerandatinker Sat 05-Jul-14 04:13:28

No i don't like it i do like the fact it has better wheels and frame but that carrycot bit looks like it shouldn't be there i actually loathed bugaboo until i saw the video of what the bee was like then i fell in love with it OH also likes it too when i showed him how it folds down smile he isn't keen on the £849 price tag though even though it comes with maxi cosi pebble and a family base and a cocoon and foot muff and adapters i thought it was a bargain i think id buy this when it came out shove the carrycot in the cupboard and buy a cocoon separate grin also i think the icandy raspberry is too heavy and plastic looking in terms of the wheels and its too showy that chrome would get battered after 6 months of use and i don't like that fact they have just copied bugaboo instead of coming up with something themselves makes me question just how good a brand and company they really are if they cant even come up with their own ideas hmm

Teadrinkerandatinker Sat 05-Jul-14 04:20:28

i just noticed in those pics it is a separate carrycot i thought it was just put on top of the seat like the cocoon would be hmm id buy one if the carrycot come sin the yellow colour then grin still think a mini cam carrycot would have been better and it looks like the hood doesn't give much coverage

ShelaghTurner Sat 05-Jul-14 07:26:25

AIBU to have a third baby just so I can get this pushchair? I loved my Bees and am very sad that my youngest is now 2.5 and no longer needs a pushchair sad

Artandco Sat 05-Jul-14 10:24:53

The disadvantage here is that you can't use with a newborn and toddler like most do as toddler can't use carrycot part, but can use regular bee with cocoon out in basket/ left home/ or just sat on in emergencies. I know many who use the current bee with cocoon and buggy board for say 2 year old and swap baby into a sling if 2 year old needs to sit/ nap on long day out

I'm still loving the new babyzen yoyo 0+ tbh. If they make that rear facing after 6 months it will def be big competiton to the bee IMO as currently only parent faces in newborn mode

Teadrinkerandatinker Sat 05-Jul-14 10:55:07

Babyzen yoyo is another one that has ripped of bugaboo's design they really need to copyright their idea's better imo

GoMommaItsaBargain Sun 06-Jul-14 00:02:03

I love it even more, my main gripe with my bees was always the weird side to side movement of the chassis, I know they are such good quality products but it just seemed odd to me and ultimately would use for a few months and sell on, would be super for me now though as baby still wee and I'm sure would love to whizz about in a sturdy little bee......just need to choose my colours now......:-)))

brownie31 Sun 06-Jul-14 09:33:13

Does anyone know if the seat is positioned any higher than on the current Bee model? I like the idea of the new Bee but not keen on the low seat if they haven't changed this.

OhTheDrama Mon 07-Jul-14 17:58:08

I really like it tbh but I'm really disappointed at the price for the complete bee with carrycot if I'm being honest. It's not that far off the cameleon and you can get the vista far cheaper. This is the only one that ticks all my boxes though, don't need it until February so there might be some package deals around by then.

Momzilla82 Sun 13-Jul-14 22:27:38

Really struggling here. I like it. But will I need to buy new hood to fit on the bassinet- as I currently have a bee plus.

In my heart I really want a new pram- even though I have loved the bee for 4 years. Mainly because it is by far the most exciting bit of kit to buy when expecting. I'm in love with the stokke crusi- but it is so big and unwieldy and heavy and folding seems cumbersome. But at the same time it feels right for my circumstances this time around.

But my OH thinks I should just have a bassinet for the new and be done with it. But I'm due in 2 weeks and of I am going To get the use out of the lie flat no strap option then it might be too late for me.

Does anyone else suffer with new pram wants for 2nd babies? I did only have the one pushchair ever first time around- so maybe he is right?

GoMommaItsaBargain Thu 17-Jul-14 23:23:55

Just pre ordered mine grin john lewis, gone for the khaki, been using a lightweight stroller for car and love easy fold and lift etc, I need an operation on arm later in year so a lightweight easy push buggy will be essential. Of course!!!!

Sophialeroy1 Thu 17-Jul-14 23:31:11

Hi gomamma, id it's ok? Can I ask how much you paid?

Tiggywunkle Sat 23-Aug-14 17:52:56

Just a note to say that the Bugaboo Bee 3's are arriving in shops grin
Paul Stride in York put theirs out this afternoon. It looks great!

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