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Baby jogger accessories

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Ijustworemytrenchcoat Thu 03-Apr-14 18:55:50

I've bit the bullet and finally ordered a BJCM 4 today and am wondering about accessories.

Firstly do you need a branded footmuff or liner because of the fold mechanism, or can you just make a slit in the right place in a universal footmuff? Secondly, my 7 month old likes to hold on to the bumper bar of our pushchair so I was going to get one for the Baby Jogger, but is the snack tray better?

(I haven't ordered the rain cover as I've read it's not needed much because of the large hood, but I can always order it separately if I change my mind.)

AliceMum09 Thu 03-Apr-14 20:38:53


I use a BuggySnuggle footmuff on my BJCM 3 wheeler - it has two slits in the crotch strap area (I assume to accommodate different straps on different prams) and one of them is in the perfect place to allow access to the fold strap. The only downside is that you can't hook the BuggySnuggle over the back of the pram (which is what I love about their design, and it works really well like this on my Maclaren Quest), but I don't find it falls down. It's a good (but pricy!) footmuff for the Babyjogger.

I also just bought (because it was half price) a Mamas and Papas bright coloured padded seat liner for summer. It has holes in all the right places for the straps, but nothing that will allow you to get to the pull strap. But what I plan to do is quickly slip the crotch strap out from the liner and fold it with the liner just attached at the shoulder straps.

I refused to buy a Babyjogger raincover (what sort of pram doesn't come with a raincover - all the other 8 (!) prams I've had did!) but found that the Red Kite universal rain cover from ASDA fits really well. It covers the whole pram, hood and all, and also has a flap hanging down the back that covers any bags hanging from the handlebar. It fits best with the hood fully-extended, but still works if you've just got the hood pulled out one notch

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