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Britax B Motion arrived!

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oceaner Wed 02-Apr-14 15:40:59

Yes, I finally ordered it after a long wait. It arrived at the door yesterday and also had an extra strap sewed to solve the slump problem like some mums have suggested. Haven't brought out the door yet but DS was very happy to get into it and playing with the mesh hood and peek-a-boo window, so the mesh part of the hood might serve the purpose to entertain them?

Also found out mine is under the affected batch of recall batch, so just ordered the remedy kit off Britax site.

I love the pushchair hope it could last longer than others.

I have questioned before about the headroom of B Agile as it left a small headroom when had DS tried out in the shop. But to my surprise, B Motion seems to have more headroom, not sure if B Motion does have higher hood or just that I didn't put DS in the best position when trying out B Agile.

Does anyone of you know the footrest is kind of 'adjustable'?

oceaner Wed 02-Apr-14 21:00:31

Does anyone know if the child tray for B Agile can be used for B Motion too?

Ihateparties Wed 02-Apr-14 21:20:19

It should fit, the bumper bar is the same one. Mine literally came in a b agile bumper bar box.

oceaner Wed 02-Apr-14 23:01:36

Ihateparties you always provide the best answers smile
Mine wasn't in the box just in a plastic bag.

How do you like yours so far, as you have own it for a good few months now.

I tried the 3 wheels version in Mothercare the other day it seems like harder to steer than the 4 wheels one though.

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