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best buggy for use with buggy board?

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tortoisesarefab Wed 02-Apr-14 12:19:14

i am after a buggy that will fold easily for in and out of the car and works well with a youngest is 9 months so a 6 month plus one would be fine. thanks

Tiggywunkle Wed 02-Apr-14 22:06:13

The best I have found has been the Oyster pushchairs - The Oyster 1, 2 or the Max. The Oyster board just works really well, it folds neatly up when not needed and it clips into place. The pushchair can be folded with the board on. Importantly, I dont waddle like a duck with the board on. There's no question that the Oyster is the best. If I had to pick another, I would say have a look at the Mutsy Evo (and I think Igo). I have only seen the board on the Evo, but I suspect it fits the Igo too. There's loads of space between the pushchair seat and the Evo handle for a child.
All of these are fairly easy to put in and out of the car.

kernewek79 Fri 04-Apr-14 16:53:14

Yes, the Evo board fits the Igo. Igo now has suspension!
I would go with a brand that manufactures boards to go with their pushchairs rather than risk warranty issues of using a universal board.

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