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Babystyle oyster gem or babyzen yo yo?

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Needabuggy Mon 31-Mar-14 13:11:33

Hi i have narrowed the choices to these two. I know there is a big difference in price but i am prepared to pay extra for the yo yo if its truly worth it. We would take a lot of flights so the pram needs to be travel friendly and robust. We take a lot of budget flights and i am probably not going to put the yo yo in the hold as it would take up my baggage allowance so i am worried that it may not be robust enough to got through the baggage handlers. I like the easy fold of the yo yo but don't know much about how easy the gem folds, can it be done one handed? I would be ordering the reversible unit if i go with the gem. Also I will have to order online as i wont be able to see these prams in person - could anyone tell me about the build quality, the fabrics and overall look? I have to order within the next day, so any comments would be really appreciated.

Many thanks

Needabuggy Mon 31-Mar-14 13:27:31

Sorry not sure if i made sense, i probably won't use the yo yo as hand luggage as it would take up my allowance on the budget airlines, particularly as LO no longer gets an allowance either. Is it worth getting the yo yo if you no longer have that option?

Ihateparties Mon 31-Mar-14 13:57:47

They're quite different. The gem folds small and is robust but not one handed iirc (I only had a pre production one and they made some changes). I suspect you would, at least in time, travel with the hammock seat for ease. The fold with the reversible seat on is less neat and probably more susceptible to the whims of baggage handlers.

If I was choosing one pushchair for day to day and travel use then of the two i would go for the gem, surely for the parent facing option. If it was just for travel use and I had another pushchair then I would get a yoyo.

Needabuggy Mon 31-Mar-14 16:34:32

Thanks very much, my LO is 14 months, should i just go for the hammock seat from the off? I would sacrifice parent facing for ease of use. I already have a parent facing pram at home.

Tiggywunkle Wed 02-Apr-14 22:30:16

Both are good solid pushchairs - they are very different though. May I recommend you have a look around because there are loads of photos of both pushchairs on there, and you should get a really good impression of each one. I think it would inform your decision better.
The Gem is not a one handed fold. The YoYo would be bliss for flying if your child was tired. I suspect the YoYo would travel well in a bag packed with some coats. The Gem is a more substantial pushchair though. You can fold it with the reversible seat on, and to be honest I would buy that if that is what you want.

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