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Phil & Teds Smart Lux reviews?

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kathyb76 Mon 31-Mar-14 12:44:48

Does anyone own or have any experience of the Phil & Teds Smart Lux pushchair? I really like the look of it but can't seem to find any reviews of it anywhere. This will be my third pushchair in 7 months and I really want to get it right this time!

EntWife Tue 01-Apr-14 21:18:31

i used to have a smart. It was brilliant. Just looked at the spec for the smart lux and it looks even lovelier!

I can't wait until dd2 doesn't need the buggy any more and I can ditch the double for a lovely nifty single.

Tiggywunkle Wed 02-Apr-14 23:48:16

I never really liked either the original Smart, or the newer version. I was pleasantly surprised by the new Smart Lux. One of my bug bears with the Smart was the small handlebar with the joint in the middle. The Smart Lux has a much bigger handlebar with space for both hands. The size is significantly bigger, all round which I wasn't expecting. I definitely was interested in finding out more, whereas I really really did not like the Smart....

kathyb76 Fri 11-Apr-14 09:43:46

I really want to see this pushchair in the flesh. I love the look of it but I don't want to order online without having a play first, my OH would go mad if I bought another pushchair I wasn't happy with!. I've tried contacting Phil & Teds to see when its likely to be in UK stores but have had no reply.

mamaike Mon 21-Apr-14 21:53:02

Hi there OP. I just bought a P&T Smart Lux and received it a week ago. Baby isn't here yet so I haven't tried it with a child in it- but have definitely given it a rigourous spin around my home, neighborhood etc. There's a lot to love about this buggy. I live in a smallish apartment in an urban area in the U.S. so it was important to me to have a buggy that fit my lifestyle and wouldn't take up a lot of room at home when not in use. First of all, I think it is very aesthetically pleasing. It's very sleek looking without being too obviously showy like a bugaboo is, for example. It has quite a narrow profile so it fits through very small doorframes and as a plus, I can even roll it through most standard metro turnstiles (if I'm careful.) I love how the seat can convert into a nice sized bassinet. I was very disinterested in having to buy a separate bassinet that I would use for 4 months and then have to stow away in my small apartment when baby outgrew it. So it's really great that the seat can convert into a bassinet and has so many recline options. Folding and unfolding the buggy is a tiny bit tricky, but practicing it a few times has made it fairly painless. I don't love that the buggy only seems to fold if the seat is facing out (and it can't be in bassinet position or full recline). Luckily it's very easy to flip the seat around and change the recline. But it would have been nice if you could fold the buggy regardless of what direction the seat is facing. I love the big, air filled wheels and front suspension. It's definitely going to provide a very smooth ride for Baby!! All in all, I was pleased with this purchase.
If I did not end up with this buggy I might have instead purchased the Baby Jogger Versa GT. It's too bad there's no stroller that combines the best of the two! Good luck to you!

mamaike Tue 22-Apr-14 20:20:22

I do want to make one more comment, not aimed at the buggy but at Phil and Ted's itself. They have quite slow customer service. In order to get their attention on a basic question, I had to flag them on twitter, FB and through their online query system. That seemed unnecessarily excessive to me....however, the buggy itself is quite nice.

sitapearl Mon 07-Jul-14 17:11:07

I'm looking for the dimensions of the seat of this pushchair - height and width - and also the dimensions when it is in bassinet mode? This looks like a fabulous option for me and I'm hoping it lives up to my expectations! My 3.5 month old boy has grown out of his Quinny dreami carrycot (terrible design in my opinion) and I'm looking for a buggy that will accommodate his long body, without needing to buy a buggy with a separate carrycot.

Sheryl10 Fri 20-Feb-15 20:43:30

Hi, We have a Smart Lux pushchair and I would not recommend it to anyone. We decide to trade in our Vibe for our third child, because we liked the rear facing option. That and the weight of the pram are positives.

To keep it short the biggest problem is the front wheels, they clog all the time with grass, leaves, mud. If you keep it on a clean dry pavement you'll be alright. We live in a city, but I cross a green to drop my middle child to nursery and have to unplug the wheels daily of debris. Other Mums have Bugaboos, Explorers, I candi, Mclaren, etc with no problems at all. In the Autumn it would clog with leaves on the pavement, which has never happened with other prams I've used.

A second problem is when collapsed it is very long. The limited sitting positions aren't great for older children, very upright or too reclined.

I'm sorry it's not a positive review. We've fed back to P&T.

natureplantar101 Sat 21-Feb-15 12:32:38

Never really like any of the phil and ted smarts too cramped for a child yet too heavy and bulky at the same time totally impractical imo

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