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Please soneone talk to me about buggy boards!

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bodgerthebadger Sun 30-Mar-14 04:27:12


Researching this endlessly as don't want to waste money and can't find the answers I need. Toddler is happy to ride buggy board and I definitely need one as we walk a lot. We have a Bugaboo Bee Plus and Baby Jogger City Mini. Both are used as much as each other so I need board that fits both. My questions are:

1. Lascal Maxi or Mini. I know the Maxi fits both but does the Mini?

2. Does the Lascal extend like the Baby Jogger Glider Board? I think the extension is needed for a more comfortable ride with the BJCM.

3. I've read the the Lascal isn't great with the BJCM - agree? - but can the BJ Glider fit the Bee say with extenders?

Does anyone have experience that they can share?

Thank you so much!!!

Ihateparties Sun 30-Mar-14 12:32:18

The glider is absolutely not swappable, you can't even clip it off. To fold the city mini you have to remove the board's wheels and then fold it inside the buggy. The fold is then bulkier, it's a great board itself but I didn't find it practical at all. If you want to take the board off completely you have to remove the connectors from around the frame. I had it on a bjcm gt and I did not like the combination at all, Actually I think any board on the city mini is problematic using the most generous description.

I have used a lascal mini and maxi on everything else. Both are extendable using arm attachments. I see no reason why the mini shouldn't fit both, however you can't as easily tuck your feet under it as the maxi has bigger wheels so better clearance. The bugaboo board is fab imo, I had one on a gecko a few years ago.

For flexibility to use on different pushchairs the maxi and the mini are both good. I'm sure there are others too, like the bump rider etc. that might be just as good/better, my only experience is of the lascal ones. The mini has fitted every pushchair that has ever been through our house.

bodgerthebadger Mon 31-Mar-14 21:09:07

Thanks! This is useful. Good to know about the glider. Haven't ever seen one but based on your feedback, I won't be looking at buying this.

I went for the Lascal Mini in the end so I can use it with the extenders on the BJCM. Used it today and it's great!

Thanks for the tips!

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