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Quinny buzz 3 or M & P zoom

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Eminybob Fri 28-Mar-14 07:22:10

I have finally narrowed down my search for a travel system to these 2. Both come with pushchair and car seat.

Quinny incl isofix base approximately £500

M&P incl base approx £350

I'll happily spend the extra money if it's worth it for quality?

If you have either could you tell me a bit more? I'm interested in comfort for baby, sturdiness, how easy to fold/unfold, how bulky/compact, will it fit in the boot of hmmhmmmy focus easily (with room to spare?)

Help! This is so hard! I've not seen them both together so it's difficult to make a direct comparison. Thanks. hmm

Eminybob Fri 28-Mar-14 07:23:11

Sorry, no idea were all the hmms came from!

Eminybob Fri 28-Mar-14 10:50:28


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