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I have found the travel system of all travel systems ;D

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SeaNanners Wed 26-Mar-14 20:36:02

So a while back i posted about the Casualplay Avant for LO to use at his grandparents house we after no one replied we decided to bite the bullet and order one we now own 2 of them. one for us and one for GP's house
Thing's to love
Memory foam seat which is reversible
Mahoosive shopping basket that can hold a whole weeks shop and 10kg's of potatoes at the same time
Carrycot can be used as the car-seat as well if you felt it was safe enough
The wheels are double wheels not single ones so steer better double wheel prams are getting harder and harder to find
the wheels come of with an easy to use button on the sides and clip back on easy too
It is lighter and more compact that the bugaboo bee on lady on kiddicare even said her bugaboo grew cobwebs as soon as she used this one
Things to hate
Hood is a small hood with not much coverage i solved this with a stretchy hood that attaches on separately from Kiddicare
All in all i reviewed this pram at 10/10 on the reviews bit

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