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Bjcm Versa harness/strap issue... help!

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simplynails Thu 20-Mar-14 12:12:52

Hi all,

This is a bit of an odd question, but I've had the versa for nearly a year, without any problems. But just recently my dd seems to be able to lean forwards and the straps come with her and get longer... nearly fell out the other day. It seems they aren't holding in the grips. I must have done something to them.

Can anyone explain in very simple steps how they work or if anyone has a picture of their own. The instruction book isn't very helpful and looks like how I've got them. I've tried to find pics or video online but with no luck.


Laquila Fri 28-Mar-14 14:27:26

I have a Versa but my boy is only 6.5mths and doesn't really lean forward. I can't really get my head round how what you're describing though!

It sounds as though the rectangular plastic buckles have suddenly started not doing their job properly - does that make sense? Unless the actual clasps themselves, with the little metal hooks, keep coming undone? Could you somehow make it so that the straps can't move through the buckle any more than you want, maybe by tying each one in a knit or similar?

You could try phoning the UK distributor, Kooltrade, for advice?

simplynails Fri 28-Mar-14 20:22:53

Laquila, thank you for replying.
I have just been searching online again for help as today my dd nearly fell out forwards. I don't know how it's happening as haven't had a problem before. It's not the clip, that's still in the loop. But the strap just seems to be sliding through and not being gripped in place. Like you say the only way would be to fashion something to stop it. I don't have a bumper bar, so this might be an option to stop her going anywhere.
I was reluctant to buy one as am thinking of getting a light weight pushchair but can't find anything i like or is as good as the versa.

Laquila Fri 28-Mar-14 21:41:25

Hmm you could try using those klippit freezer-bag clips as stoppers - that's the neatest way I can think of sorting It! I think it's definitely worth giving Kooltrade a call though - I love my Versa and can't imagine swapping it smile

Tiggywunkle Sat 29-Mar-14 21:06:28

I suspect you haven't hooked the top of the straps through / under properly. I know that I put a footmuff on and didn't put mine back properly and they unwravelled as you say. Take a good look at the very top and check yours are correct. This may help but this is not correct because the strap needs to go under the prongs / retainers at the front bottom - where the holes are.
Does that make sense?

simplynails Sat 29-Mar-14 22:44:42

Thanks tiggy.

Yes I think they are in correctly. The straps slot in to those side thingys but seem to pull straight through, I don't get it. It's an extremely easy strap, how could I get it wrong, it just feeds up and then slots into those plastic side bits. Very confused why it's not working now.

CharleyFarnsbarns Sun 30-Mar-14 22:07:02

Mine feeds up, through the hook bits then back on itself through the buckle again. Maybe you have missed the last bit?

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