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Advice on best stroller

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Cymrublonde Sun 16-Mar-14 10:08:20

Hi all,

I am looking for your help please.
I am hoping to buy a new pushchair/stroller for my daughter who is 14 months old.

We currently have he quinny xapp extra after selling our mamas and papas joolz as was so big and took up all our boot!!
I am finding the quinny light but almost feels not as safe and sturdy as the mamas and papas.
I would love a black pram but that folds all in one so is better space wise but feels more like a pram if that makes sense?

I have researched the mamas and papas Luna and Argo and do like the look of the armadillo.

I was hoping to find one for £100 or less or maybe second hand as would sell our quinny and can't afford a lot on top.

I would be really grateful for any advice and recommendations.

Thank you in advance x

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