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Maclaren Buggies

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FriendofDorothy Thu 13-Mar-14 11:22:31

I need to get a compact buggy to take on hioliday at Easter and I would like to get a Maclaren.

Currently it is a toss up between the XT and the Quest versions.

My only concern is that I am quite short and the XT looks like it is quite tall to push and also does it fold up as compact as the Quest?

Any thoughts on these buggies would be great.

sweetkitty Thu 13-Mar-14 11:24:58

I've only ever have the XT (have had two) I'm short and had no problem pushing them, they fold up nice and compact and easy to carry with the handle. Great buggies (I've had about 16) one of mine has been used for 4 children and is now passed on and still going strong the other I sold for £50 less than I paid for it. (Keep all original boxes etc)

sleeplessbunny Thu 13-Mar-14 11:26:02

I have the XT and love it. The wheels are bigger so it's better over rough ground but they can get in the way a bit when you fold it. Otherwise I think they are pretty similar aren't they? The handles can be adjusted for height (only a little though)

Thurlow Thu 13-Mar-14 11:31:48

I'm pretty short and have used the Techno XLR for two years now. I actually really like that the handles are high, I find it really easy to push. IME Maclarens are amazing - the Techno is the all-singing, all-dancing version so too big for what you are after, but as a general Maclaren comment it's lasted every day for 2 years with a LOT of walking and barely has a scratch on it. Absolutely amazing value for money.

If it's just a holiday pushchair you are after though, there are cheaper ones than the Maclaren that are just as good. We've recently bought a Mamas & Papas Kato which is really light and easy to fold. The XT is probably still quite a heavy-duty pushchair, around 8kg, whereas the Quest is a bit lighter, and you can get other 5-6kg pushchairs too.

MewlingQuim Thu 13-Mar-14 11:44:04

I have a Quest.

I bought the Quest as it was light and folded up small for storage. I have shoulder problems and find it big and heavy enough, DH preferred the XT but it was even bigger and heavier so I rejected it. I find the handle height on the Quest fine and I am 5'5', the handles are not adjustable on the Quest though.

I love my Quest and it is still going strong after 2 years use of about 6 miles a day. Only problem I have found is that the small wheels are a pain in the arse on rough ground and when it snowed, although they are fine on normal pavements. The XT wheels aren't much bigger so if you are going off road then I wouldn't recommend a MacLaren at all, either get something with big wheels or use a sling!

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