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double buggy, 17 month age gap. Phil and teds vs city mini double?

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LilllyLovesLife Tue 11-Mar-14 14:57:13

any opinions would be gratefully received! School runs will be main use, and need to get through small paths with crowds of people which is what worries me with the city mini as that's side by side.

but I hate the fact that one baby can't see in a Phil and teds confused it does seem very practical for us though.

Dukketeater Tue 11-Mar-14 15:03:50

I have a side by side maclaren which is good when both under 2 as like you, I don't like one being trapped, however now I have a 3yo and a 15mo I have gone to a p&ts because the 3yo walks most of the time only needs a buggy when tired.

Forgetting the age gap, what are the actual ages?

MiaowTheCat Tue 11-Mar-14 16:02:09

Two needing the pushchair more than about 80% of the time... I'd go for the side by side. Once you're getting into the realms of a more confident walker for the eldest - can always swap to a cheapo second hand P+T and use the bottom seat for tired legs and popping in and out of. Think I paid something like £50 for our P+T I'm using now - DD1 rarely uses it really unless we're somewhere I want her contained or we're in a hurry.

P+T have a really shit patch between about 3-6 months when the baby's too big or nosey for the cocoon part but too small to be in a proper seat btw - just something else to bear in mind.

Ihateparties Tue 11-Mar-14 19:11:34

I don't think it's necessarily true that one baby can't see in a phil and teds, yes the view is restricted but they can see out of the side and also look up to see you more easily than the front child. Plus the newer ones have a proper recline on the second seat that I think fixes the issue of what to do between 3-6 months. I have a tandem bias though, I just prefer them, side by sides always got me stuck. Dd2 just turned 2, she loves walking and would walk everywhere if it were possible.. It isn't for us as 3 school runs are 3.5 miles plus any extra walking we have to do on top of that. If you don't have long distances to cover then a tandem combined with more walking for your toddler might be the thing for you. If you're going to need both babies in a pushchair much of the time.. I would probably agree with miaow 80% as a good guide.. Then a side by side is probably better for the babies. Difficult if space is really restricted though.

MotherOfInsomniacToddlers Tue 11-Mar-14 19:14:58

Hmmmmm I have a side by side and a phil and teds, disliked both tbh, I have a vibe, for a 15 month age gap though the youngest is now 18 months, found them both very hard up push compared to a single

tortoisesarefab Tue 11-Mar-14 21:27:32

i have a 16 month age gap and would agree with the above posters. while they are both young i would go with a side by side as the newborn always looked uncomfy in the phil and teds and was awkward to get to. now they are 8mo and 2 i am using the p&t more as ds walks a lot and dd can sit at the top.

have you considered an out n about nipper? the new ones are narrower than the bjcm as is the mountain buggy duet. the duet is huge folded tho

MiaowTheCat Wed 12-Mar-14 15:27:34

I'd second the Nipper.... loved mine - just was getting daft how much I was pushing an empty seat around on it.

I had a P+T Explorer I found very heavy to push up hills (lots of the buggers around here), went to the Nipper which was a much lighter push, and then DD1 walking so much more plus a new car with small boot meant I needed something else - so I went for a really old P+T E3 which I think because it had so few bells and whistles on it, was a really light push for a tandem. Find it lighter to push than our side by side stroller we keep in the other car which is REALLY struggling now I have two kids off the top of their respective growth charts.

Nipper also has a nice high partition between the seats which is absolutely fab for when they go through the respective hair pulling and jabbing fingers up little sibling's noses phases! Not that bitter bitter experience is speaking here... oh no not at alllllll.

Dirtymistress Wed 12-Mar-14 15:29:46

We have a 17 month gap and a mountain buggy. Nippers are also fantastic.

MoominsYonisAreScary Wed 12-Mar-14 15:34:18

I have a p&t explorer, ive had a few doubles and like this the best. I hated the side by side one i had, it lasted 2 weeks before it was sold on.

Ds3 was walking quite a bit by 2.2 though so i tend to put the youngest in front now and ds3 pops in and out the back if he wants a rest.

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