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To the pushchair!

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alifemoreordinary Fri 07-Mar-14 06:30:35

Your sage advice requested!

Looking for a pushchair for my big 8 month old ds. Currently have a cameleon but its two piece, tricksy fold and beasty size are driving me a bit bananas (though love the push and weighty feel, fully upright position and the fact that I can hang a few bags of shopping wihout fear of tipping). Thought I had the answer in the Maclaren Techno xt which I very excitedly bought a couple of weeks back but dissapointed that it doesn't sit upright enough, so ds is very slumped; not the easiest or lightest push in the world, esp up and down kerbs; handles a bit high, but not a deal-breaker; and feels a bit tippy with just a couple of light grocery bags. Also heavier and more cumbersome than would have expected, but knew that might be the case.

So the search is on (again) and now I'm clear about what I want...

Massive extendable hood, with air vents if possible (love this about the techno and essential as we live in Dubai)
Adjustable leg rest
Near flat recline
Has option to sit fully upright
One piece, compact fold
One handed push/steer
Handles not too high (I'm a bit of a hobbit at 5'2)
Shopping basket decent and with reasonable access in flat recline position
Can use for reasonable amount of shopping without fear of tipping
Easy to push a very big boy
No bucket seat if possible (ds doesn't sleep hugely well with feet in the air)
Not too heavy, and as narrow as poss with the above considered!

And the nice to haves...!
Parent facing or reversible would be lovely but not a deal breaker
Peekaboo window (rubbish one on the techno)
Can take a decent sized carrycot (for second child, if and when)

I know, a huge list and probably an impossible ask. Not fussed that it's an umbrella, just like the narrowness and ease of assembly that they have.

Have done a load of research... BJCM and the rest, Easywalker June, Kiddy City'n'Move, Babyhome Motion, among others...but can't find utopia/the one that answers all the above. Wondering if there might be salvation in the Easywalker Mosey, or the Babystyle oyster 2? Or anything else I should be looking at? All pearls of wisdom gratefully received!! Thank you!

FumblesandFrolics Fri 07-Mar-14 06:35:51

Have you thought about a Bee?

Didn't want one initially, but once I tried and bought one, we never looked back.

Slebmum Fri 07-Mar-14 06:40:10

BJCM does pretty much all of that apart from vents in the hoods and adjustable foot rest. I love my double version so much and rave about it so much they really should start paying me!

britney92 Fri 07-Mar-14 06:45:40

I had a maclaren quest and loved it with DD. I currently have a mamas and papas ziko frankie and it's awful. The rain cover isn't water proof. The wheels stick. It's the most awful pushchair I've ever had. So wish I'd home for a bugaboo bee (my friends was awesome) or got a new quest. Whatever you choose stay clear of the M&P frankie looks pretty but that's about it

Frusso Fri 07-Mar-14 06:55:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ArtyFartyQueen Fri 07-Mar-14 07:01:44

I think the Bee would pretty much fit all your requirements!

wildstrawberryplace Fri 07-Mar-14 07:02:49

Have a look at Mountain Buggy. It's light, has great kerb pop, good shopping space below (plus can hang a couple of bags from the handle), lies more or less flat and sits up straight, the sun canopy covers the child entirely and allows great air flow. It will take a carrycot. It is slim and extremely light yet very sturdy and steers like a dream.

I had a Mountain Buggy Urban last time (after going through a fair few other buggies/prams) and I think I am about to buy myself another (was dithering between it and the Bugaboo Buffalo but to be honest only wanted the Buffalo for the first 6 months anyway, would then have swapped to MB.)

Ihateparties Fri 07-Mar-14 09:50:25

I don't think the mosey has an adjustable leg rest but there's very little info at the moment, hopefully it will be lighter than the mini but if it isn't then it won't be that light relative to the cam. It could work even so although, the canopies aren't huge, I don't know how that would be for you in a hot climate. The oyster 2 looks good too, it won't be mega light either.. More cam than basic stroller. I have a babyhome emotion and it's my favourite thing ever (out of very many) but if your dc doesn't like the reclined seat position and won't sit up forward from it then it won't work, even if the rest of it is great. The most upright position is a bit reclined but the backrest will move with the child so if they sit more forward and they're strapped in tightish it just comes with.

I'm reading all these requirements and thinking 6-12m can be an awkward time for seat positions, leg rests etc. In a couple of months your ds might be happy to sit at a different angle or simply override the angle by sitting up more himself.

I don't know if you will find something perfect for all your requirements, it's normally next to impossible. If you've done a lot of research and not found something exactly right then it may be you have to give up or compromise on some features.

info247 Fri 07-Mar-14 10:11:53

have you looked at the Mutsy Igo, heavy but folds with seat on large tall seat and goes from flat to upright.

charlyn Fri 07-Mar-14 14:29:04

Have a look at the Nuna Pepp luxx.

VeloWoman Sat 08-Mar-14 15:05:36

Hi OP, I live in the sub tropics and I am the same height as you so I thought I would try and help! I have had a city mini and I found the handle height too high for me, my wrists would get sore when I had been pushing it for a while. The city mini gt does have adjustable handle height and better wheels however it is not super light weight but is a good all rounder, neither of them have an adjustable footrest though. The city elite does have a footrest you can raise but is very wide. I have the city versa at the moment and it is my favourite out of all the prams we have had so far, it is not too wide, one piece fold, parent facing, big sun hood, adjustable handle height and you can raise the footwell so even though it is not a flat seat you can make it more supportive.

Hope that helps!

alifemoreordinary Sun 09-Mar-14 10:29:46

Thank you everyone for your responses!

Had a bee back in london when ds was born and it was fine...but felt it was just a bit rickety...maybe unfair though, should take another look really.

Parties, agreed, the list may well have to shorten. Sigh. Have to assume it's a feat of engineering too far to have it all, otherwise surely someone would have done it?!

Velo, good to know the Versa works for you in similar climes. Will definitely take another look.

Info, just looked at the Igo. It looks fabulous. Will try seek out a place where they stock mutsy here so I can check it out.

Am enouraged! Might find an answer yet! Thank you people.

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