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stroller type pushchair with one handle?

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charlyn Thu 06-Mar-14 09:12:35

Im wondering if anyone knows of a pushchair that's like a stroller in that its lightweight with a small footprint but has a single handle?

It also needs to have an adjustable footrest.

Ive had a bugaboo bee before but didn't get on with it.


Ihateparties Thu 06-Mar-14 10:51:07

I have one of these and one of these. Both fit the bill. There are some others but not a massive amount that are truly small and light. What was it about the bee you didn't get on with?

charlyn Thu 06-Mar-14 12:56:11

Thanks both of those look like possible contenders smile The babyhome one though is a bit over budget and doesn't seem to be possible to find one second hand. When I was looking at the Red kite zumi I came across the Red Kite urban jogger which looked virtually the same just black instead of red. Don't suppose you know of anything about that one? Im not really a fan of red so might consider that!

The things I didn't like about the bee were really the wheels just didn't seem to cope with anything other than smooth ground and my daughter who was 6 months when we got it didn't look very comfortable in the seat. I also didn't like the fact the seat was exposed/low. I seem to be the only person that doesnt love it though!

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