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Uppababy Cruz - how soon can I use pushchair bit?

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Sunshineseeker80 Wed 05-Mar-14 15:34:32

We have an uppababy Cruz which I love. LO is 7 weeks old so currently using with the pram section. When she is 4 months old we are spending a month travelling round the US before moving to Australia (madness). I was wondering how soon people moved from the pram to the pushchair. I think the advice is 6 months but trying to figure out whether to
A) take the pram to US and ship the pushchair to Australia to collect when we arrive (when she will be about 6 months) or
B) whether we can sell pram bit before we leave and make do with the pushchair while we travel despite fact she will only be 4 months
If it makes a difference she is quite big for her age (75th percentile / 5kg at 7 weeks, and 90th percentile in terms of height) and it is one of the old prams which can't be slept in.
Good to know your thoughts or experience of how quickly can move between the two.

Tiggywunkle Wed 05-Mar-14 23:25:17

I think I would ask Uppababy this question. I know this may sound daft, but advice in the US is very different to the UK anyway - they dont emphasise the use of carrycots as much. Hence the Vista has a snug seat insert. I would check that its ok to use that on the Cruz (I dont see why not) and maybe consider this as an option. There are also plenty of wedges on the market which may fit - although you may need to try them. Just try to keep your baby as flat as you can. For 2 months though I think I would be taking the carrycot. You could always leave it in the US.

lemonpoppyseed Wed 05-Mar-14 23:42:27

DS got too long for the uppababy carrycot when he was about 3.5 months old. I would love to have kept him in the carrycot for longer, but there was no wiggle room!

lemonpoppyseed Wed 05-Mar-14 23:45:10


Sorry, didn't read OP properly. We have a Vista not a Cruz. The dimensions may be different...

Ihateparties Thu 06-Mar-14 10:44:26

I can't find the Cruz bassinet dimensions, the vista is 70cm long, it's unlikely (but possible I suppose) that your baby will be 70cm long by 4 months as that's some way off the top of the growth/centile chart. Anyway, you will know nearer the time if your dc is likely to be too big. I would take it for the travelling bit personally, mainly due to the sleep aspect. It is awkward timing though, now I think about it if it was me I would take a lie flat pushchair to the us and ship the Cruz to Australia to use later... Any excuse for a different pushchair :-D

lemonpoppyseed Sat 08-Mar-14 16:31:27

DS was 22 inches when born, and 70cm is 27 inches, so there wasn't too much wiggle room, even to start with...

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