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one handed un-fold?

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Haywire Wed 05-Mar-14 14:08:33

A bit specific but anyone know if any pushchairs are easy to unfold with one hand? I have a BJCM GT which is great esp the one handed fold down, but have recently moved and have to hold 13 month old and carry pushchair down some steps (that bits fine) but finding it really hard to put the BJ up at the bottom of the steps while holding baby.

looking for something a wee bit lighter too if possible as a second pushchair. been looking at a micralite superlite as would be good for bumping up the steps? and also quite rural where I live lots of uneven or no pavements so needs to be fairly robust even as a lightweight /stroller type. grateful for any thoughts.

Coveredinweetabix Wed 05-Mar-14 14:17:52

I have the BJCM (not GT) and can just hold the handle bar in one hand (with 20mth DS on my other hip & changing bag over my shoulder) and give it a sort of flick and it unfolds. Does the GT not do that?

Haywire Wed 05-Mar-14 14:36:55

maybe mine should but it doesn't! I end up holding the handle bar and flailing it around like an idiot it sort of half unfolds then doesn't as I curse and swear and baby gets wet in the rain. works slightly better from flat on floor but still tricky.

Tiggywunkle Wed 05-Mar-14 23:21:45

Hmm the BJCMGT should be really easy to flick open with one hand. Have you removed the fold lock (not that they usually lock anyway).

The Superlite is lovely but its pretty big to carry. You may well be able to pull it up the stairs though. Have you had a look at light pushchairs like the Graco Evo Mini, the Babyzen YoYo and the new Mountain Buggy Nano. In theory the latter two should open one handed, although in practice its easier with two - I will have a play and see how well I fare with them one handed. I know you can do them both, but they dont happen every time IYKWIM. The Graco Evo Mini should flick open one handed though if you can get the release lock off and then flick.

Spindelina Thu 06-Mar-14 15:18:10

We bump out Superlite plus toddler (often asleep) up about 30 steps to the front door. Get the extension handles (designed to go with the buggy board) and you don't even need to bend over much.

Haywire Fri 07-Mar-14 10:21:37

thank-you Spindelina good to know is possible with superlite and Tiggy thats v. helpful will look at the three you mentioned. Love the look of the babyzen and had a MB previously that was great so all worth considering.

have never used the lock on the BJCMGT just doesn't seem to want to do the last bit of the fold out if that makes sense gets stuck sort half way. would be great to try some of these out but as I live in middle of nowhere mid wales not really possible.

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