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Concord Neo - I love it!

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FlyLikeABird Tue 04-Mar-14 18:47:07

I’ve just put a review on the reviews page as I’m so sad to see so many negative stories about this pushchair. I wanted to give my experience just in case anyone likes it but is put off by the bad reviews. I don’t dismiss other peoples experiences, it’s just that mine seems so different. The basket is shit though grin

This has been such a great pushchair for us. I have used this daily for a year now and am so glad I chose it despite mixed reviews. I use it on rough pavements, up/down big curbs, on woodland paths, grass etc. I think it handles rough ground really well. Friends who have used the Uppababy Vista and Cruz have said the suspension of the Neo is smoother. It turns on a sixpence, so smooth.

I used it for the first five months with the Jane Matrix Light car seat as a pram attachment (with a moses basket mattress from John Lewis). This allowed my daughter to be laid flat for sleep or propped up in three positions - a godsend for my baby who was initially very refluxy and later very nosy. I kept it downstairs as a pram for naps then lifted the car seat off as a moses basket when visiting people and for her night sleeps (the cot caused meltdowns for the first couple of weeks).

From about five months we used the Neo seat, initially I did have to put a small cushion between the seat and the padded insert as it is a bucket seat. A wedge would have been great but this worked for us. The fabric of the padded insert did bobble a bit with use but a clothes shaver has made it look as good as new. I now use a Fellhof sheepskin footmuff which fits really well. I’ll use it as a liner when the weather is warmer. The Neo straps just need to be unthreaded, slipped through the slots and done up again, it would work for any universal footmuff.

Mine has a matt black frame which washes really well and looks as good as new. The neoprene hood and wind cover stored in the pushchair bar are great for sudden showers when you don’t want to get the rain cover out. The main rain cover is fine, could do with something to keep the front section clipped back if it is no longer raining. It fitted over the car seat too. The rear wheels easily click off to fit into smaller cars, the wheels fit well under the frame so don’t get the fabrics dirty. I filled the (air) tyres with slime and haven’t had a puncture. The front swivel wheels have accidentally locked into non-swivel mode (usually when I’ve knocked into something) but it’s not a major problem for me, it still pushes. The brakes have given me no problems. I find folding it really easy and can put it back up one handed - all with the seat on facing either direction. It fits easily into a Ford Focus hatchback.

Improvements would be an additional sun shade flap in the hood like the Vista and a better shopping basket (there is a bigger one on newer versions but a bit pricy to buy separately). I fit the rain cover, my light raincoat and the tyre pump in the basket and use a changing bag hung across the handles. I hang shopping bags from the frame using homemade Velcro straps which works a treat.

I really do love this pushchair and feel I got great value for money as I paid £230 for the Neo (new in November 2012). The Jane Matrix car seat worked really well with the Neo and has given great flexibility.

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