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Stroller decision - Techno XT or G-Luxe

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Adreena Sun 02-Mar-14 13:48:12

I need some help to choose between these two. The G-Luxe seems to have everything we want - very light, easy fold, sun visor, reclining seat - but I'm unsure if its sturdy enough to last the next 2-3 years. Maybe longer if we have another.

On the other hand is the XT. Similar features with visor, recline etc. has a great reputation for durability and lies flat too. But it is a bit heavier and has a carry handle rather than shoulder strap. Being able to lift it with my son in would be a bonus but as long as its easily portable for different modes of public transport that's all I need really.

Which should I go for?? Also considered Quest Sport but lack of suspension has put me off.

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