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Rain cover for Babyzen Yoyo

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Cariad007 Fri 28-Feb-14 10:48:30

I've just bought the new Yoyo 0+ and was wondering which rain cover to get? There doesn't seem to be one specifically designed for it but are the covers for any other pushchairs compatible?

Tiggywunkle Wed 05-Mar-14 23:09:24

The raincover which comes with the 0+ is actually not bad. The 6+ is very poor and is easily kicked off. I use a Maxi Cosi Noa one for my 6+, but I am not 100% how well it would fit over the 0+ set up - although in theory the 0+ is no bigger / longer really than the seat. So it could be worth a try. Otherwise, I have a Graco Universal raincover which would fit, but I suspect its on the bigger side. A Quinny Zapp one may fit too, but the Noa one is better because its 4 wheels not 3.

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