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Britax b motion, to buy or not?

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TinyPenguin Wed 26-Feb-14 19:58:05

I have a britax vigour 3 which has served us well, but just seen the b motion cheap on kiddicare, which means carrycot & car seat I have used on vigour would fit b motion.
Baby due in 5 weeks. Was planning to use either bugaboo bee with car seat adapters or, if out for longer periods the vigour with carrycot (with buggy board on either) Only thing is.... When I get to the seat unit stage of the vigour the pushchair takes up nearly whole boot & is heavy. Will my Bee suffice for this stage?
I feel slightly pramaholic!!

Ihateparties Wed 26-Feb-14 20:31:10

I saw a great pic of the Britax carrycot on a bee using carseat adaptors. It was a US pic though, dunno if britax adaptors are available here? If you have the bee unless you're off road imo the vigour sounds kind of redundant. The b motion isn't huge folded and has lots of nice points but is heavy to steer. Good with a buggyboard though I thought.

TinyPenguin Wed 26-Feb-14 20:35:36

Can get britax adapters for Bee in UK, but unsure of stability of carrycot on Bee frame, I wonder if anyone has any experience of trying a carrycot on the Bee?

Ihateparties Wed 26-Feb-14 20:41:38

I can find the pics again probably. I know people have used the micralite cots with maxi cosi adaptors. The britax cot sat a lot lower.. It's on this thread. I'm not recommending it, just a bit of a natural hacker with these things...

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