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Hard bodied or collapsable carry cot?

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Waggamamma Sun 23-Feb-14 17:28:55

I'm newly pregnant with dc2 and just making a list of things we'll need to buy.

I already have a Quinny Buzz from dc1 but will need to buy the carrycot. I'm not sure whether to get the old style hard bodied one or the new collapsable one. What do you think?

Dc1 was 9lb and grew out of the carrycot quickly, the hard bodied one looks more spacious? I'd also like it to double as a moses basket for daytime naps, would the collapsable one fit the moses basket stand?

I like the look of the newer ones but is it as practical?

Waggamamma Sun 23-Feb-14 17:35:54

Also does anyone know if the maci cosi carrycots would fit thr quinny buzz? As they're both manufactured by dorel but are quite a bit cheaper.

K8eee Mon 24-Feb-14 13:16:01

I would've thought online somewhere you could find out what pushchair manufacturers are compatible with the car seats.

Regarding the carry cot, we have a solid one (which if we really wanted to we could collapse) which came with our icandy pushchair. It looks pretty roomy, and shall be using it for day time naps & over night sleeping too. Ours says not to put it on a stand, but I'm unsure why

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