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Mamas&papas sola city

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Somerset1972 Sun 23-Feb-14 10:14:51

Just wondering wether any of you ladies own a sola city? They're quite new out so I can't find any good reviews! I'm really not liking my bugaboo cameleon after 7 months of trying too!! I find it an absolute pain in the bum, I liked the look of the sola city and it's 1 piece fold, is it any good?? Tia x

Tiggywunkle Wed 05-Mar-14 23:43:44

Errrm....I think you can do better. I have had a good look over it and to be honest a large chunk of it is basically a Babystyle Oyster (similar chassis, wheel lock) or an Oyster Gem (seat recline, seat removal) with one of the most horrible harnesses I have ever seen on a pushchair. Combine that with the poor wear and tear I have had on my M&P pushchairs ie rusting, poor fabrics etc. I wouldn't buy one. Go and buy yourself a new Babystyle Oyster2 instead and get a similar style of pushchair, but which is much better.

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