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Can a buggy board fit?

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BicycleGasoline Thu 20-Feb-14 21:12:23

I have this buggy and after 10 months of using it as a triple my 2year old is getting too big for the toddler seat. So I'm trying to work out if a buggy board can go on in any way. It's a Z shaped frame with no upright bits at all to attach connectors to, and the horizontal bar at the bottom is a concealed brake so is very fat. Any ideas of how to get one to fit?
I'm not going to pay to have a valco specific one shipped over- it would be cheaper to have a new buggy!

Ihateparties Thu 20-Feb-14 21:59:31

Now I've found a pic of the rear bar... The basket is amazing :-)... measure around it. I'm trying find the lascal data on how thick the frame piece can be for the connectors to wrap around. Ah okay, kiddicare have it all here with all the different shapes of tubing etc. That's a starting point, if the lascal connectors don't fit something else might.

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