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Is it too late to get a BJCM carrycot?

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TheBeanpole Wed 19-Feb-14 22:17:01

Wise pushchair gurus, I need advice.
DD is 9 weeks old. She's quite little, although catching up, just over 11lb. We have a third hand 2010 BJCM that we were given- we don't drive and didn't need a travel system and were going to buy one anyway as wanted something super light for public transport. We decided against the carrycot initally because a) it's supposed to be suitable from birth as is and b) I was expecting a much bigger baby, so thought it would be a waste as we'd barely use it. DD has mainly been in a stretchy wrap so far and I think we will continue to wear her a lot.

We do use it a bit though- shopping and pram fitness class mostly. However, it think she looks far too lost in the fully reclined seat, even with a head hugger. There seems to be a lot of swinging about. She doesn't seem to like facing away from me either and does cry in it more than I would like.
How long do you think she would be in the carrycot for? Any experiences?

Or perhaps she will get used to the big seat?

We are planning one more DC so it would get used with a second. If she would be in it until 6 months I think I would probably spring for it, it just seems like a lot otherwise. I have been looking on ebay but they seem to go for nearly full price when you include courier.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Ihateparties Wed 19-Feb-14 22:21:13

At 9 weeks and with other children in the future I'd get it.. I think they fit all the singles, I know with doubles they have to be 2011 onwards to take the cot.

callamia Wed 19-Feb-14 22:30:40

My 18lb four month old is still (just about) in his. I mainly carry him in a sling, but it is a good and cosy pram cot. I'm glad we got it - he sleeps brilliantly in it when we're out, and it's proved absolutely rain proof.

TheBeanpole Thu 20-Feb-14 11:50:48

Thanks-I'm going to get it- I think it will also be helpful for naps if we are lucky enough to get out for lunch/dinner without having her on our laps.

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