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city versa elite carrycot

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KirstyM2014 Mon 17-Feb-14 14:41:21

Can anyone tell me is it suitable for a chil to sleep in at first?

Garnett Tue 18-Feb-14 17:14:46

Hi there. I don't think any of the Baby Jogger carrycots are suitable for overnight sleeping.

I'm trying to find out definitively, and also whether there is a solution. At the moment I think the problem is a lack of ventilation, which might be solved by a replacement mattress.

KirstyM2014 Tue 18-Feb-14 20:11:49

Thank you, I've tried looking on there site but it doesn't say either way, hopefully a mattress will be the answer

Tiggywunkle Wed 19-Feb-14 22:26:50

No Baby Jogger carrycots are suitable for overnight sleeping.

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