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One handed pram - pushing toddler and walking dog and 3yr old

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Fouette Fri 14-Feb-14 20:24:52

I now really regret selling my Stokke!

Now that I've learnt to drive I rarely take my MB duet out. But I have a new puppy and will be taking him on walks soon. Dd usually walks with my and ds is in a pram. He is 15months so will be in a pram for some time.

The pram needs to be really easy to steer - I have a dodgy wrist - and be able to manoeuvre one handed. It also needs to be small ish (I'll need to put it between the kids in the car as the dog takes up the boot in his crate) and not break the bank expensive. Im not buying a Stokke again! grin

Finally it needs to cope with hills and a degree of off-roading as we will be walking in the parks off path for dog walks.

Any ideas? I've been looking at the new Mountsin Buggy Nano which I like the look of!

Fouette Sun 16-Feb-14 06:14:41

Anyone sad

TheGreatHunt Sun 16-Feb-14 06:21:42

A backpack to carry Ds?

TheGreatHunt Sun 16-Feb-14 06:23:15

Also I've used a mountain buggy for off roading which was good but DS didn't!

vvviola Sun 16-Feb-14 06:29:52

I have a Mountain Buggy Swift which is easy to steer one handed, but is absolutely massive and would take up your whole boot. Maybe a light umbrella stroller might do the job? We used to have a maclaren of some sort and while it had two handles instead of one, it was remarkably easy to steer one handed.

Antidote Sun 16-Feb-14 06:34:54

Out and about nipper 360 is very easy to steer, light, perfect for off road.

It doesn't fold particularly small, but I think you can take the wheel off to make it more compact.

I frequently have dd in the pushchair (5 months) and pull ds on his scooter up big hills through town. I use it for road running and country walks.

Fouette Sun 16-Feb-14 10:37:17

Sorry, I should have given more information in my OP.

DS is 12kg. I'd love to do a backpack but just can't manage it for any length of time.

I do have a maclaren but my dodgy wrist can't cope with the one handed push. It can on my MBduet but not the Maclaren. It's one of the swish top of the range Maclarens (it was a gift) so not sure if another model would be easier to push.

I'll look at the Nipper 360 Antidote, thanks!

PumpingRSI Sun 16-Feb-14 11:25:04

ok slightly different scenario but...I have ds and two dogs. I have a baby jogger versa and find that when I'm out and about I can steer ome handed, hold one lead and have other lead looped around my wrist holding onto pushchair. dead easy to push and steer and I've found it find in parks, over muddy fields. It is a bit big though.

Could u put pushchair in boot and harness on dog and clip him into the rear or front car seat using dog seat belts? Baby jogger City mini GT may also be good and fit in a foot well? I have found small and good push and off road don't happen in one pushchair so I got an all round compromise that has been working for me every day for nearly a year. Not the same circumstances but may be a help?

SweepTheHalls Sun 16-Feb-14 11:26:42

Second vote for a nipper 360 here, exactly my circumstances, and it worked really well

SweepTheHalls Sun 16-Feb-14 11:28:30

Oh, and get a carabiner to clip onto the handle bars, dogs lead onto that, with dog on a halti collar, extra hands for the toddler as necessary!

FannyFifer Sun 16-Feb-14 11:28:45

Micralite good for one handed pushing.

Mutley77 Sun 16-Feb-14 12:32:26

I don't remember nipper folding much smaller than mountain buggy swift. I have had both and other prams. Mb swift is by far my fave ever and so easy to push... I push a lot one handed although in my case it is usually to carry my coffee!

What car have you got? I think the swift might fit in the front sort of on seat but fitting in between 2 back seats sounds a bit stressful to me.

MiaowTheCat Sun 16-Feb-14 15:32:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SolomanDaisy Sun 16-Feb-14 15:33:31

Bugaboo bee is really easy to push and steer one handed.

TribbleWithoutATardis Sun 16-Feb-14 16:06:52

Third for the nipper, I think it's comparable to a city mini with the wheels popped off. Admittedly it isn't as flat as the city mini, but it's not a beast of a thing. Why not go into a shop and ask to see them folded?

batteryhen Sun 16-Feb-14 16:17:56

I would also go for something that can go over all terain. I have a Phil and Teds sport. I can fit it in the boot along side the dog crate. Will you eventually be doing off lead walks in woods etc? If so then get something that can handle the mud etc!

Fouette Sun 16-Feb-14 20:24:46

I really appreciate all the replies.

We live in Sydney so for half the year mud won't be an issue and for the rest of the year it will be but unlikely to be in epic British proportions.

I have a Mercedes Benz 200. The dog is currently in a crate but won't be long term as he will out grow the crate. - I'll clip him in in the boot and he'll just have to fit around a pram. I don't think he would fit between the kids car seats and wouldn't want him there if he is muddy anyway tbh. I could put a pram in the front seat though, thanks for the suggestion.

I love my Mountain Buggy duet so I'm keen to look at another smaller one. I'm also back in the UK in March and happy to wait until then to check out prams (much better range than aus and half the price).

Sweep I hadn't thought of clipping the dog on, that's a great suggestion, thanks.

So I'm looking at Phil and Teds spot, Nipper 360, MB Swift, Macralite and Buggerboo Bee. Afraid I won't look at BJs again - the bloody BJCS is why my wrist is fucked. smile

Xmasbaby11 Sun 16-Feb-14 21:22:18

Bugaboo bee great for pushing one handed! It's light but sturdy, folds up well and steers very easily with one hand.

colinkins11 Mon 17-Feb-14 17:31:08

Have a look at Babyzen YOYO though too. Light, an easy one hand steer and it folds down easily and compact enough to put in boot - it's small and neat.

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