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Getting a pushchair fixed

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tabbycat7 Fri 14-Feb-14 16:18:44

My quinny yezz broke, v annoying, It's gone back to from whence it came and dorel picked it up yesterday. I've been managing with my zapp xtra but I had major bus hassle this afternoon, struggled to reassemble the buggy on the pavement in the pouring rain with chunky ds4 who has not yet qualified for shoes and also trying to keep ds3 from running off. Combined with one bus being late and the return one being early, we missed the bus home and I had to wait in the rain for half an hour with four children. So anyway, has anyone sent a buggy back to be fixed and how long did it take? I'm just wondering whether its worth getting a little cheapy thing if its going to be a few weeks to save myself aggro and the ears of the people who live near the bus stop blush

strawberryswing Wed 19-Feb-14 18:40:14

I know its a different company but my cosatto went back yesterday and they said it would be 5-7 days. Might be a rough guide? smile

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