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Has anyone used a buggy board with the Quinny Zapp Xtra while parent facing?

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Sahkoora Wed 12-Feb-14 10:04:24

From what I've read, a buggy board will fit on the Quinny Zapp Xtra with adapters, but when DC3 arrives, I will be needing to use it in parent facing mode, and I just can't see where DS2 will stand!

Granted, I've never used a buggy board before, DS1 was a bolter so I went for a double. Not sure whether I'll need a new pushchair (kind of hoping so!)

TIA to anyone who can help.

Ihateparties Wed 12-Feb-14 10:27:34

I'll happily say zapp and buggyboard doesn't sound like fun idea at all if you do much walking. If you're mostly in the car then it's possibly fine... maybe :-/

New pushchair grin

Sahkoora Wed 12-Feb-14 10:29:53

I do walk a lot, mostly in town and on pavements, but around 4-5 miles a week.


DH isn't going to be happy. Only just managed to persuage him we needed the Zapp Xtra because I promised him we could use it on DC3. At the time, was planning to leave a bigger gap!

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