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Upright seat, lightweight pushchair

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simplynails Sun 09-Feb-14 13:12:30

Hi all,

Ok, so I already posted about the armadillo, graco EVO mini, bjcm a week or so ago, but after looking I have gone off all of them.

I have a bjc versa which is too big and heavy.

This is what I'm looking for but not sure it exists:-

As lightweight as possible, less than 7kg
Big hood
Upright seat which can lay back.
Adjustable footrest (very important)
Big, easily accessible basket
Padded comfy proper seat

I thought I was sure I wanted the armadillo, but you can't get in the basket and the seat isn't upright enough.

I had decided on a maclaren xt or xlr but read some bad reviews. The seat part looked quite shallow when leg rest was down. I haven't seen it irl mind.

Yesterday we tried the kiddy moove but dd was weirdly seated, just didn't like it. Silver cross pop, uppababy luxe and various mamas and papas umbrella folds.

What else is there or should I go for a maclaren?

Thanks :-)

Misty9 Mon 10-Feb-14 22:03:13

Well I've been very impressed with my zeta vooom, although no adjustable footrest it is quite long and my 2.5yo has only recently had to resign himself to dangling feet. It was sooo cheap too, £50 from amazon or eBay and matching changing bag which handily poppers onto the handles. Has lasted around 18mo so far and the hood is huge which is great for sun and showers. Comfy enough seat IMO and I just add a fleecy footmuff back for the winter months smile

simplynails Tue 11-Feb-14 16:00:09

Thanks Misty. I had a look at the vooom and the ones on amazon say adjustable footrest but I can't find any pics of it. Some people say the seat isn't very upright, how do you find it? Also how's the depth of the seat? How does it handle on rougher ground?
Sorry for all the questions but can't afford to make another pushchair mistake.

Misty9 Tue 11-Feb-14 16:39:21

No worries smile I find the seat upright enough and although it doesn't lie flat, it does lie almost flat for my still-napping toddler. If adjustable footrest means can you pivot the end of the seat, yes you can. If it's pivoted all the way down then their feet can sit on the foot bit under the seat (iyswim?!). Ds doesn't like this though and would rather his feet dangled off it!

Depth of the seat fine IMO too. I can measure it if you like? It's in the car but could do later.... Fine on rough ground and easy to push, though not necessarily with one hand. I've been really impressed with it, especially for the price in comparison to maclarens etc.

Ask away smile

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