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Streety questions -advice needed!

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theclockticksslowly Thu 06-Feb-14 11:58:28

I'm trying to decide between a bebe/maxi cosi streety pushchair and a petite star bubble. I want something lightweight, folds compactly and with option of parent facing. I thought I was sold on the bubble but had my doubts and found the streety which I do like the look of.

As with anything there are mixed reviews. To those of you with a streety (or who also looked at it) please could you give your thoughts. Here are some of my particular questions:

1. Can it fold in parent facing mode? Some websites say yes, others say no.

2. It says it folds really small 84 x 30cm x 33cm or something. Does it fold this small with the pushchair bit attached?

3. A few reviews say the seat isn't big enough for a 2 year old - is it? I want to use it primarily as a back up stroller when travelling and need something compact and light so looking at keeping it until dd no longer needs it.

4. I see there's a streety plus. What is the difference? Are any problems with the streety solved in the plus version? Is it worth the extra money to get the plus?

Thanks for your help!

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