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Mamas and papas armadillo

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30SecondsToVenus Mon 03-Feb-14 15:31:46

I currently have a bugaboo cameleon. I loved it when I first saw it in the shop and bought one second hand to save on the price.

I do like it but I use public transport daily and I'm finding it really big and bulky. The shopping basket is awkward and Dd (7 months) just doesn't seem comfy in the seat even though she was in the carrycot. Even when I use the car (very very rarely when ex dp is feeling generous and let's me borrow it) I find it really big to fit in the boot.

I've looked at the armadillo online and it seems. To have a very big seat, which is what I'm looking for so I don't have to buy another stroller when she gets older. I had the silver cross pop with dd1 and she grew out of it by 15 months, she was very tall though and I think dd2 might be the same.

Is it worth the £200? I'm a single mum so I'm skint but I'm going to sell the Bugaboo (hopefully get about £250) and buy a stroller instead.

Is the armadillo parent facing too? I can't remember reading about that.

Is there anything else I should be looking at?

Parent facing is ideal but not set in stone because Dd is getting older and will prefer to look forwards soon instead of just a boring me smile

Also, the wheels look quite small what's it like day to day? I won't be going off road really at all and I live in a city so I'm flat roads and pavements all the way.

strawberryswing Mon 03-Feb-14 20:32:37

I've just bought this and I love it. In my opinion it is very much worth the money. I paid more money for my umbrella stroller and this is simply better.

Its not parent facing, but isn't usually an issue for the older child, my dd got bored of looking at me lol.

The wheels are small and plastic but it rides like a dream, its very surprising, I think it has suspension on all 4 wheels aswell.

Its very very roomy, when the footrest is up and pushchair reclined its 92cm long, my very tall 18month old still has a lot of room between her feet and the end of the footrest.

Basket is accessible and very goodsize. Its lightweight and folds great. Hood is huge.

Its not going to turn peoples heads in the street, but it's light, nice and narrow, a dream to push, very very roomy, good basket etc.

Lots of people will suggest you look at a baby jigger city mini (more expensive, wider but apparently they're great) and a bugaboo bee. I can't help with these two but just saying I'd hugely recommend the armadillo.

30SecondsToVenus Mon 03-Feb-14 21:25:55

Thanks so much strawberry I'm going to take a trip to town tomorrow because I've got my eye in the sola too.

I will try them both out and hopefully sell my Bugaboo and go and buy one soon smile

strawberryswing Wed 05-Feb-14 19:03:02

I also like the sola, know a few people who have them who are very happy. The one handed fold on the armadillo won me over though, but hope you find one you like smile

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