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New pushchair for London trip! Advice please!

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geckogirl13 Sun 02-Feb-14 10:03:05

I'm visiting my mum and best friend in London next weekend and need a new buggy as I don't want to take my big travel system. (Maybe it's just an excuse for a new pushchair!) Our baby is 7 weeks old so it needs to be suitable from birth and I have a 2 and a half year old so it would be good if he could use it too if tired and I can carry baby in the sling.

I'm thinking either Nuna Pepp or Baby Jogger city mini- any views on these two or other suggestions?

babyluck Sun 02-Feb-14 23:16:51

I've just been buggy hunting and ended up buying the Maclaren Quest in denim (unlike the other quests it has an extendable hood) which was the winning factor to me. Wanted something lightweight for holidays. Up until now I have been using the baby jogger city mini which I really would recommend but the downside of this to me is the width of the back wheels. Found it difficult to push in tight spaces. I did check out the nuns pepper and was impressed but didn't buy it due to the small hood

Lullabyte Sun 02-Feb-14 23:26:31

I also just bought a Maclaren Quest as our air travel/holiday pushchair & would recommend it. It's suitable from birth.

Our primary is an Uppababy Vista, which is brilliant, but obviously we don't want it chucked around by baggage handlers who don't realise how valuable it is!

DS seems happy in the Quest - he took a two-hour nap in it today, so it gets my approval. smile

delasi Mon 03-Feb-14 11:06:27

The BJCM is great and we have it (we live in London), we've also travelled with it with no problems. However I think if it's going to be a secondary buggy for trips then something like a Maclaren will be more convenient. We have a Maclaren for this purpose - ours isn't suitable from birth but obviously Maclaren do lots that are. You'll find that it is lighter and easier to travel with and especially so if you travel alone (other than the DC of course!).

Not what you asked, but just thought I would mention... and apologies if this is already very obvious to you... but you can do a lot of public transport routes in London step-free without making your journey much longer - maybe adding in 5-10mins extra, if that. I'm not so keen on relying on the bus, with or without the buggy, so I mainly walk or use the train/tube, and I've managed to get all around London step-free (and I mean actual lifts, I can't use escalators with the buggy).

meditrina Mon 03-Feb-14 11:12:17

The sturdier MacLarens are good for this (and you could try a buggy board if your older one is tall enought to see over the hood). It's always handy to have a foldable in London if you plan to use buses (because sod's law says the buses are always rammed when it's wet and you just can't wait for the second, third or fourth to be allowed on). Also, they fit down bus aisles better than many others. Narrow is good if you're going anywhere busy or using public transport.

NewBlueShoesToo Mon 03-Feb-14 11:16:28

Agree Maclaren Quest is great and you will still be using it with a toddler.
We took 3 month old round London and on trains with a Maclaren and she slept and was v happy.
I would say get a changing bag with a long handle and push it as far down the pushchair handles as it will go. Then if you take the baby out the whole thing won't tip over.
I now keep my three wheeler for daily long muddy walks and Maclaren for shopping trips, going into town etc.
And the pockets at the back are great if you need to take a bottle of wine to a friend's grin

Artandco Mon 03-Feb-14 11:23:33

Where are you going in London? If you use buses then no need to fold etc. we live very central in London and have only ever used a bugaboo chameleon. Have never had a problem with the size. Buggy board fits good for toddler. We have flown all over the world and it just checks in on planes etc with luggage. Much comfort to sleep in/ shade/ better on sand/ snow/ parks. I think the idea of smaller buggies for travel are sometimes overlooked. The chameleon fits on buses easier than Macarens for example as handle goes right down behind poles

Can you really not just use the one you have? For a 7 week old if you really really need to use the tubes I would just take a sling, or use a bus/ taxi/ walk ( central London is quite small)

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