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Alternatives to Bugaboo Bee?

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GwenStacy Sun 02-Feb-14 08:42:32

A friend is looking for pushchair recommendations, and whilst she's received a bit of advice from people, and is considering a bugaboo bee, I wondered if there were any other suggestions that would fit her criteria?

Car suitability is not a concern for us. Lightweight or folds quite flat (our options are carry it up and down the stairs or leave it in a little shared space by the main door) are biggest factors. Obviously we take the train a lot, and we also have a big hill we climb a few times a week, but it is paved, just steep. Is that enough info to go on for knowing if what you had/have is one we should go try?

Cariad007 Sun 02-Feb-14 22:08:51

Have you seen the Babyzen Yoyo? It folds one-handedly and weighs under 6 kilos.

Southsearocks Sun 02-Feb-14 22:24:44

We had the M&P Sola. Loved it.

elk4baby Wed 05-Feb-14 10:35:41

Do look at the BabyZen YoYo - these are absolutely brilliant, no contest when it comes to the lightweight small pushchairs.
And we have had the Baby Jogger City Mini, the Combi, and considered the Bugaboo Bee. But BabyZen is just soooo much lighter and smaller folding than any of them.
I absolutely love it, using it every day for school runs, so in and out of the car and being folded and opened frequently... still going strong after many months of usage!

GwenStacy Wed 05-Feb-14 10:54:06

Thanks for these, have passed them on!

LightTripper Wed 05-Feb-14 13:50:15

We are also looking at Graco Evo Mini (6.2kg) as a light-weight one-handed fold - might be worth adding to the list to look at!

Tiggywunkle Mon 10-Feb-14 10:39:30

I agree with the others. Babyzen YoYo, Graco Evo Mini and also the new iCandy Raspberry.

Justgotosleepnow Mon 10-Feb-14 10:44:01

Have a look at the Joie Amie+ it's lighter than the yoyo & folds pretty small. Waaaay cheaper too £90

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