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Seat depth on Maclaren Techno...wider than a Quest?? (or get a BabyJogger City Mini instead?)

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Belchica Thu 30-Jan-14 12:38:05


My (not so) little one (16mo) has outgrown the seat in the Maclaren Quest - its just not deep enough and he looks v uncomfortable. Also the Quests straps are a nightmare to adjust!

Considering an upgrade to Maclaren Techno and not got time to get to shops so may have to order online. Is the seat depth bigger than the Quest? I can't tell from the pics and cant see this info on the buggy spec list.

Also considering going for BabyJogger City Mini 3 wheeler.

We need a lightweight, single folding, comfortable stroller as we use it for nursery, days out (naptime) and take a lot of short needs to travel well. Does the BJCM do this??


Cydonia Thu 30-Jan-14 15:35:46

I haven't seen the Quest but I have a techno XT for my 20 month old DS and am quite disappointed in how small the seat is. I find if I fold the leg rest down the seat is so shallow that he looks like he's just sort of dangling from the straps! The seat doesn't reach to his knees and the foot rest is too far back for him to rest his feet on. Part of me wishes I'd got a BJCM 4 instead.

AliceMum09 Thu 30-Jan-14 16:29:45

I've had a Quest and a Techno XT, there is no real difference in the depth of the seats.

I had an old Quest, from 2006, that had a decent seat that was deep. I'm sure my new one (2012 updated one that is now suitable from birth, the older ones were only from 3 months) has a shallower seat. If you think about it, if the seat lies flat (or virtually flat) it sticks out a long way at the back of the stroller - I'm sure that on the new Quest and the Techno TX the seat is shallower because they've had to shift it forward a bit to make sure it doesn't stick out miles and bash your knees when it's fully reclined.

Just my thoughts! Anyway, I also have a BJCM 3 wheeler and love it! I thought I loved my Maclarens (I've had 4, a Volo in addition to the ones I confessed to above!) but the Baby Jogger has taken over! I bought it with travel in mind, we are going to Disneyland Paris for Feb half term and I wanted something more substantial than a stroller in case the weather was bad. It has a really good hood and is easy to fold. It's probably the same weight as a Quest/Techno XT, but easier to carry because it folds into a square shape rather than long and thin.

My DD2 is 21 months and tiny (weighs 21lbs) so seat size is never going to be an issue for us, but the Baby Jogger has a good big seat and lots of different harness heights.

Belchica Thu 30-Jan-14 19:37:17

Thanks for the comments, both v helpful.

DS is also dangling from straps of the Quest and I think we need something a bit more substantial. It's served it's purpose but I think I'm decided now on the BJCM.


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