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Britax B Agile's headroom

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oceaner Sat 18-Jan-14 22:57:28

Hello all, I am wanting to buy a B Agile 4 but tried B Agile 3 (as no 4 is available in display) out in store today and found the hood is rather low that leave 20 months old DS head 7-8 inches away from the hood, not to mention when the hood is pulling down as sunshade, it might be blocking DS's view for the world. As I wanted to have this as the last pushchair so want to make sure it will last till DS 3,4 years old.

Wondering if anyone who owns the B Agile has found the hood too low for DC?

We tried out the Graco Evo Mini too and it has plenty of headroom for DS but I'm not really into 3 wheelers and the seat looks less roomy then B Agile, even though the massive basket has made me tempted.

Are B Agile 3 and 4 different in height of the hood?

Many thanks

Ihateparties Sun 19-Jan-14 13:11:14

Umm.... How much space above the head are you expecting? 6 to 7 inches sounds like a huge amount to me..

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