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Bugaboo Bee - Handle Lock broken for the 2nd time in 19 months

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emmaj999 Thu 16-Jan-14 16:29:47

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same fault as I have had on my Bugaboo Bee Plus.

I bought my pushchair in 2012 and have had the same fault twice. We have had one set of replacement parts and fixed it ourselves, but for it to happen a second time in 19 months is really worrying.

The handle lock has broken, meaning it will not lock in place and the handle freely extends and is not fixed in place. So I can not use the buggy.

It is very unsafe, and unfit to use. I am going to contact trading standards and report the fault. As I have not yet been sent a replacement part from Bugaboo as it is still in warranty.

I feel so unhappy with my choice of buggy. I would love to trade it in and get a new one. I have had to get the wheels fixed as they swiveled when I walked faster. You choose to pay extra on a buggy to ensure you child is safe, I can honestly say I am very tempted to buy a cheaper maclaren and sell this on ebay!

I also have an issue with the restrainer staps. They state they are safe as its a 5 point harness, but my 19 month old can quite easily wriggle his arms out of the staps.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has teh same safety concerns
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